Is Anyone There?

Hello? Hi.

It’s been quite long enough since I’ve posted, and there is so much ground to cover, and so much to catch up on, I’m not even sure where to begin. Since our move I’ve been adjusting to staying home with two busy toddlers. It’s sort of surreal to spend my days watching them laugh and grow, being able to witness it all for myself. In these little moments I think, I’ll remember this forever, and I couldn’t be more thankful to be doing this for a season in my life. There are scores of posts on Mommyhood, encouragement, camaraderie, relishing each second, and so on. This is quite an odd time in history to be staying home, and I waiver between a tiny bit of panic that I’m not nourishing a career, and complete and total gratitude my uniform is now makeup-less and raggedy, most days. It’s an odd time because feminism is being redefined, and has honestly become almost polarizing, pitting woman against woman with little respect for her position to actually choose her own path. It is a strange world now, with social media pressing and pushing and molding our view of societal parameters, our view of ourselves, and of reality. Looking now at the back of two bustling and noisy little heads, I realize these are short and fleeting moments in an altogether short life, and truly I have fallen into a completely comfortable place in my new role in my family. I cannot wrap my mind around these little lives entrusted to me to protect and nurture, and the more I learn about other mothers, the more I realize what a rare and special example I had while growing up. I can only hope and pray to honor her by loving my children and rearing them in her example.

So, how is Charleston? It’s a dream. We are in that weird limbo phase of making friends and plugging in to the community, but we still drive around the Holy City, visit local beaches, and it’s like, we live here! Some really don’t believe that we aren’t struggling or homesick, or that I’m not crying into my coffee every morning, or lonely, but in short, we haven’t looked back since we left TN. This is how I know we were ready for the next chapter in our lives. We are expecting our third little one in June, and I’m sure I’m in for it then, but Joseph and I just teamed up and took this on, and we’ve done it. We are closer already and I look forward to what the next few years will bring our marriage and our and bond as a family of five. The challenges are real, and anticipated, but our strength and resilience has shown through. We have room to breathe and space to grow and become whomever we want to be. It’s not lost on me what a blessing, what an opportunity this is for us. It’s an adventure, and I really believe there is something very true and real about what a person decides to believe about themselves. Strength of spirit, of mind and will: it makes all the difference. Being covered in prayer and surrounded by support has made it even easier for us. Things have gotten heavy at times, there have been challenges, and I know there will be more ahead, but we are seeking God’s providence in our lives in a way we haven’t before, and I cannot tell you the relief and peace I feel to have that sort of power behind us.

So anyone who follows me on Instagram or Facebook has seen snippets of our progress in our sweet cottage-y house. Hang with me here and I’ll be ramping back up at The Salvaged with home tour Fridays, beautiful images, favorite shops and inspiration for those of you who want to share a little corner of the web alongside me. True to the classic, “Wednesday Musings” of the past, I thought it appropriate to start again here and see where it goes. I am making plans, and have lots of people behind me, pushing me to tap into my creativity and actually do something with it. And I am making plans! Boring as this rambling post may be, I’m keeping at it. See you soon!




This Monday morning I’m dreaming about solitude. This is how I know Rhett’s arrival is close. Somehow it feels natural to me to retreat here in the end. I am so ready to meet this child. Regardless of the state of my home, what’s left undone, my heart is ready. I imagine a calmness like this view of the shore, taking a moment of deep breathing, eyes closed, and the sound of nothing but a breeze. As I prepare to become more Mother and more family, I still hold onto my own thoughts, what makes up the fibers of what makes me, me. I feel a re-centering, a moment of clarity.

I’ll take it.

Happy Monday everyone!

Image via Patti Anton

Found: Kate Zaremba Company

Oh my goodness.  Did you guys see my little sneak peek shot on Instagram of this fabric I’ll be using in Rhett’s room?il_570xN.500393558_jspv

Kate’s company is one of my favorites I have ever found.  I know I get very hyped up about my finds, but just look these patterns:

il_570xN.487532462_4yzi il_570xN.500424364_ejbt il_570xN.469170916_gy8u il_570xN.504986900_iuuv il_570xN.491432095_axwj il_570xN.503252398_ioyx il_570xN.495675083_b46p il_570xN.469941800_c7nn


Kate makes beautiful tea towels, removable wallpaper (what!? yes.), custom art prints, pillow covers, gift wrap, and an assortment of other wonderful goodies. Hop over and look around, I know you will love it!

Have a Happy Tuesday everyone!

Obsessed with Buffalo Check

I would like to thank my friend LG for giving me something else to obsess over. Despite this pattern’s tendency to lean way too country, I now believe it can be elevated to a seriously gorgeous level of amazing. Whether bold or neutral, I’m telling you, this is going to happen in my house! 5921197425728b791077c43358ecd168 ac186812927d530df3819309f1aee56f e9ac7e5b8269bf74d43cef7b1f186e24 1d3c84696421a0cfbbed5a9c3f0811b1 d809f1942d42491e545e08ec9e58f119 e0a2a5e78a35f2259ec5fd96f2873c62

images via Pinterest

I think a bit of this in my kitchen is where it’s at. Possibly on the windows…

Calico Corners is a great site with the prettiest colors I’ve seen, and some of the most affordable pricing/sqft around $23!000251909 000251900 000251899 000251905

Pretty excited to figure out how to blend this into our decor here.

Have a great Friday and enjoy the beautiful weekend!


Last night I pulled out some new Euro shams I ordered for our bedroom and Joseph said “WHOA!” I’m finally in a place when it comes to the decor in my home where I’m ready to just do things. Over the past three years I have waited so long to make a decision about this color or that fabric that I wait myself out too long and I change my mind. This has kept me from trying out different patterns, adding color to certain rooms, and generally made me stalemate myself in making bold changes here and there. That might sound untrue considering the fact I have now painted three rooms in our house twice, but alas, it is true when it comes to pulling the trigger on pattern. I love interesting pattern and color, so I have no clue why I do this to myself! Here is an inspiration dump of things I have coming down the line for certain rooms in our house. Any guesses where these will show up? Some are ideas for projects down the road, a few are already here, and a couple are on their way! I know I keep teasing you guys, and apologizing, but it’ll be worth once I have things completed, promise!







What do we think? Fun, no? I’m stretching my little decor muscles so I can grow. Things can always be changed if I don’t love it, so why not give it a go?

Have a great Wednesday! I am excited about a little work “sprinkle” my sweet friend Bobbye is throwing for me today!



Yesterday I didn’t sit down and relax for 10 hours. Today I am 100% spent. This is all I want to do. One more month and we will officially be on full-time Rhett watch. I cannot wait to meet my little man, but I sure do hope I can fit in a book it two and a coffe or fifty before then.

Have a great Monday everyone!

*pic via buzzfeed

Rule Breaker

FH030027This is me in our shoebox dorm room my junior year of college. Those yellow slips read “sign out violation notice.” I attended a small, private university in Nashville called Lipscomb. Apparently at 18 I signed a “policy” that I would adhere to the rules and regulations of said university, which included a sign out policy. In other words, I had to leave information with the dorm on where I was spending the night if I stayed out past midnight. If I did stay out past midnight, or one in the morning on weekends, we were not allowed back into the dorm, and were supposed to have left our proper sign out information. This created a situation in which it was a constant battle of the wits to outsmart the head resident, sign out to legitimate but unreachable hosts, or somehow sneak back into the dorm. Most of the time I threw up the proverbial finger and did what I want. Hence these six sign out violations. Sometimes I actually did go home to see my parents. They called once to check up on my sign out information at home. My Dad answered the phone. Big G. And even he didn’t shake this head resident after replying, “I’m looking right at her.” That crow still wanted to actually talk to me.

Somewhere in my rearing I started resisting the “follow the rules” rule. I always toed the line, really closely, and sometimes blatantly bounced right over it with outstretched hands and a take-that face. I didn’t like being told what to do. I still don’t. Dad, I can thank you for this. Alex and I both have this written into our DNA: we do what we want. More so me than Alex. We learned this through the many stories you told us. Like, chasing Mom in high school and telling her you were going to marry her even though she had a boyfriend. Or flattening a**holes on the football field who picked on smaller boys and having to run suicides for it. And just generally saying to the world: this is my life and I will do what I feel. Just call me BOSS, you said. And you are. This did not go over so well for me as a teenager. It sort of translated to: I am doing this my way. If my curfew was 11:00, I came home at 11:05. Close enough, right? I mean, is five minutes really punishable? When teachers or coaches tried to break me like a pony and force me into submission, I fought harder. There were only a small few that fell into this category. Most of my teachers and professors were people I highly respected because they were smart, carried a cool confidence about them, and I wanted them to like me and think I was also smart and confident. But for these few others, the more they tried to force me to respect and fear them, the more indignant and indifferent I became. It infuriated them. And I sort of felt like that was a win. And I thought it was amusing. Exasperated adults in authoritative roles were funny to me, especially when I could reason my way out of punishment.

I think I have finally figured out how to use this trait to my advantage as an adult, and like a chess match I try to make my play count. I break rules now in a way that makes sense, with air-tight explanations and common sense reasoning. I think I grew out of the blatant rule-breaker part, but I am so thankful Dad, perhaps unknowingly, gave me this edge in life. It has helped me stand solidly and unafraid in Regional Directors’ offices, fight for my family, defend my friends, speak truthfully, and make my own way. So, here’s the rule-breakers today, I raise my glass to you.

Happy hump day folks!