Beware: Angry Woman

Beware: Angry Woman

We’re all friends here, right? I share some interesting musings from time to time, right? I tell little stories here and there, make you laugh, maybe touch a nerve with people sometimes. Today I’m in a spiral. A mad, hair-raised, probably-could- use-a-straight-jacket funk. Speaking of straight jackets, when you think of someone in a straight jacket, do you really think it helped to calm them down? Brilliant. Let’s make them hug it out with themselves. I sort of think if I was ever actually in a straight jacket I might rip my own arms from their sockets to get the ____ out of there. It would undoubtedly make me crazier. Anyway, I am in the middle of a giant, classic sneaky hate spiral. (Please click the picture for the full explanation via Hyperbole and a Half).
This sneaky hate spiral phenomenon is both maddening and sometimes horribly debilitating when trying to function in the normal world because you can see it coming, but you are powerless to stop it. And perhaps even more so when it is compounded by this little person growing inside of me. Do I hate when pregnant women blame every single thing on being pregnant? Yes. But this? This sneaky, slow build is insane, but coupled with this swing from bliss to rage is more than a bit challenging. (sidebar, I deal with this on a regular basis, albeit a smaller scale, when I’m not with child. It is my understanding that this is regularly referred to as a “short fuse.” Boom goes the dynamite). It is best if you do not try to help me. I may turn on you via Walking Dead.
I caught a minute of Eat Pray Love on tv on Saturday night when Elizabeth was on the Bali leg of her year-long jaunt across the globe. Richard from Texas was giving her the what-for about selecting her own thoughts and controlling her mind. Since there are entire facilities an entire world away entirely dedicated to this practice, there must be some truth to it. But I ain’t buyin. Be careful on the advice that I should select my thoughts. Oh you mean THESE THOUGHTS!? To build an analogy, let’s say our thoughts are actual things that we can throw. I would like to think I could select brightly painted canvases, flower petals and rainbows. Or cotton balls. But right now if I selected some of these thoughts, we’d both end up covered in poop, or maybe in a coma.
I have nothing specific even worth complaining about. There are actually lots of happy things I could focus on today. But then I found out that someone stole my stapler. And we are out of coffee creamer.
From the dark side,

Scent of Summer

Scent of Summer

I’m obsessed with the candle I purchased at Target this past weekend. At 10:00 pm on Saturday night to be exact. Alone time at its’ finest. I had two uninterrupted hours of solitary meandering and it was glorious. I was tired when I got home, but it was worth it.

Who knew Ginger Sweet Tea would make the best summer scent ever? I’ve been lighting it as soon as I get home from work. I don’t even really consider myself a candle person, but man. I’m a believer!

These guys are on sale now for &9.99!

I hope everyone has had a great Monday. See you tomorrow bright and early!

Someone Buy This: Hollywood Regency Cocktail Table

Someone Buy This: Hollywood Regency Cocktail Table

I’m really sad I don’t have anywhere to put this gorgeous table. The Hollywood Regency style blends so well with so many other decor styles, and for this pretty piece to be 72″ long and only $195, what a STEAL.

Someone scoop this up! Click the pic for the CL ad- or go visit booth T368 at Gaslamp Too antique mall in Nashville.

Happy Friday folks! Have a fantastic weekend!

Cole and Son Wallpaper

Cole and Son Wallpaper

I was so excited when my wallpaper sample from Cole and Son arrived in the mail! This is going to make a perfect accent wall in Rhett’s nursery. I wanted to be sure the white wasn’t too stark and it’s just perfect!

Like Aurelia’s room, I’ve been looking for ways to save vs. where to splurge. Since the furniture is now complete with his dresser and crib purchase, and since we saved hundreds by finding great deals, I’m fine with going all out for the paper. I’ve been reading tutorials this morning and boy are the wallpapering memories with the Renfros flooding back! I remember specifically the key to papering is going slow, slow, slow and taking your time, not stretching the paper horizontally, and perhaps most importantly: SIZING the walls first. Doing only the one wall means we’ll hang about 8 sheets. Definitely DIYable.

I’m still pouring over tons of fabric options for the crib skirt, drapes, and accents. This sample pictured to the left is a boys’ duvet cover from Restoration Hardware in moss. Sometimes it’s more affordable to buy a duvet and deconstruct it than it would be to purchase the yardage you’d need in a similar fabric. This was my design for Aurelia’s nursery as well! Double-sided duvets provide a lot of yardage!

I’ll share a better idea board of sorts when I finally make some decisions on color scheme!

We painted over more beige this past weekend and it was glorious! Only the highest points in the great room and the staircase remain! Cannot wait to sing “ding dong the beige is dead!” at the top of my lungs.

Have a great Tuesday! Wednesday Musings are back tomorrow with my thoughts on some controversy that’s got me all fired up. Figured I’d share.

By Lacey Saggio

By Lacey Saggio

When you dream up a dream, no matter how small, the moment you hold it in your hands further defines who you are and who you want to become. That actually happened to me, and I have been so excited to share my news… my byline. It’s printed. In a publication. Above an article I wrote.

The “Prep School” article I wrote for Flea Market Decor magazine is in the fall 2013 issue! Entitled “Magic Carpet,” it is a quick-tip article on seeking out and identifying antique rugs, and how to score them for less. I’ve since worked on another article slated for the premier issue of Vintage Holiday for Christmas, and am currently working on a piece for Victorian Homes.

Writing is just something that fulfills me in a way I can’t explain. I have so enjoyed what I’ve done so far, and I look forward to where it might lead! The Salvaged has opened doors for me in ways I still can’t fully grasp, but I could not be more thrilled to see that byline on a page in a magazine that I can feel and touch. Seeing this small first step come to fruition has been the exact motivation I need to keep working and doing what I love!

Visit to see more about this great magazine!

Thank you again for being such a great encouragement to me! I do love my readers!

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!

Powder Blue and Kelly Green

Powder Blue and Kelly Green

Back from Florida… and back to reality. I’m en route to work on the train and finally am taking some blogging time for myself. It’s been really sporadic here at The Salvaged lately, but today I’m really excited about this color combination and had to share!

It’s obvious I love kelly green, but who knew it would pair so well with pale, powder blue? I love the preppy feel of these two together- so clean and crisp! Not to mention… I believe I might entertain the idea of a swing this direction for Rhett’s room. Aurelia’s green bookshelves are probably staying in the nursery when she makes the big move, so incorporating this color combination would mean we wouldn’t have to paint them, along with everything else! I have a pale blue piqué fabric sample on the way to see how all this might come together, and I can’t wait!

I also can’t wait to share pics of my Cole & Son Woods wallpaper sample that arrived yesterday! I’m pretty close on picking a paint color for the walls as well!

I’m feeling the pressure- three months left before little man’s arrival!

Have a great Thursday everyone, and come back tomorrow for my big announcement!

Hemstitch Linen

Hemstitch Linen

I have always appreciated a great monogram, as we all know. This is one of my favorites I’ve ever seen! I love that the design is something you don’t see everyday. Your typical monogram styles can be easily over-used, but Sadie’s Stitchery via Etsy has dozens of color combinations and unique monogram styles that are perfectly priced.

Click through the pic for the listing and to see what else you can find at Sadie’s Stitchery!

Happy Monday from Florida! It’s a rainy morning but we are still enjoying our precious girl, having a cup of coffee and loving this time together as a little family of three. Next year we’ll have our boy with us!

Stay tuned for a really exciting announcement for The Salvaged!