World Market

Monday morning again.  Daylight savings time.  Ah-ha, this is why my brain refuses to function.  It’s revving up slowly.  Slow and steady as she goes.  So I’m going to try to sound coherent and normal, but things might get silly.  Might get a little weird.

I talk to a lot of people about their home projects, where they’re shopping, what paint colors they’re using, and the like.  Really what’s going on is that I just talk a lot, period.  I get pretty amped up about good deals and great finds, but I also love to live vicariously through a co-worker of mine who is restoring a ridiculously gush-worthy home in a historic part of Nashville, which happens to be near my old stomping grounds.  But I digress, today isn’t about historic restoration.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll talk about that.  Ok good now I at least know what direction to go tomorrow.  But, today!  Oh today, I’m rambling and finding myself to be very witty.  But for reals yo, today you should get in your car and go to World Market.

I’ve brought this place up several times over the past few weeks with different people and almost every single one is like, ‘oh I always forget about that place!’  Well let me enlighten you.  If you are an online shopper like me who can lose hours spiraling off into the ideas-abyss, proverbially skipping around and pinning all the things! then sorry I’m not sorry.

World Market is sort of like this: a cheaper version of Target (go figure), a great “look for less” a la Restoration Hardware, and a mash in style between Pier 1, Pottery Barn and West Elm.  You follow?  Ok here are some pictures.  I know everyone just wants pictures on a Monday.  While your brain creaks to life too?

Dining Room:






Living Room:

466504 VICTORIA WGBK UPHLSTD CHR     Department 2 arm chair RIGHT HUGO LIMITED

(Laugh it up but floral is back!)










464816 6X9 SAHRA IKT TUFT DSTY BL GD Department 3 indoor rugs DEVGIRI EXPORTS



The prices on every piece above are amazingly affordable.  My bestie Mrs. Dee and I feel that TJ Maxx, Target, and Forever 21 purchases can sometimes be considered “disposable clothing,” in that once you wear them twice, you’ve made your money back.  That’s how I feel about some of these pieces.  Considering the pricing, it’s worth a short term purchase if you aren’t ready to spend the big bucks at larger big-name stores.  I haven’t even touched on the amazing home decor too!  If you need just a little something, try World Market!

Have a great Monday.  My brain is on track now.  Thanks coffee.