Pinterest Win: Sunburst Mirror

We all have Pinterest fails, but this one isn’t one of those.  This is a Pinterest Win.

I saw this on Etsy after a quick search and was like, uh no.  Even though that little ~ usually means “approximately,” there is no way in hades I’m paying anywhere near “approximately” that- for that.  You follow me?


Then I saw this on Pinterest.  And I was intrigued.  Looks pretty good.



So I went a-searchin’ like I do, and I found this on Etsy for $18:



And then I got busy by following this little tutorial here with a bunch of simple wood shims!

And we ended up with this!



It just so happens that my little mirror came and I was able to get a near perfect match in a great bronze spray paint from Lowe’s!

*If you decide to tackle this project, pay attention when she says it gets tricky in the end.  After you make all your “rays” with the shims, there are going to be some gaps, for sure.  Don’t be afraid to cut your shims in little slivers and get them perfectly fitted.  I would even recommend caulking any cracks you might end up with for a clean finish.  I love this thing.  And it cost, oh, $65?  Pinterest Win!  Thanks K Sarah Designs!