Painted Wood Floors

Joseph and I were talking last night about our plans for bathroom updates down the line, which include wide-plank hardwoods I’ve already purchased that are just waiting for us to rip up the linoleum in the guest bath and slap them down. It really sparked my excitement for painted hardwoods again. So I did a little searching to see what everyone else was doing, or not. What do we think?

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Anna of Door Sixteen has a quick and easy tutorial for prepping and painting existing hardwoods and they are gorgeous! I also love the cracks showing through, but for a bathroom where splashes will definitely ensue, I think we’ll have to seal it up a bit more.

I’m also really impressed with this Home Decorators Vanity from Home Depot! It’s on sale right now for $299, down from $499. Oh man, I can feel another project coming on…


Happy Tuesday everyone!

*Images 1-5 via Pinterest

Do Work

This summer has been filled with one project after another and it seems as if they just keep rolling into one another and multiplying. I love this part of our life actually, because I really do enjoy seeing our home evolve and change into something our very own. The transformation of the kitchen, the dining room, and the library have probably been my favorites so far, but… I still have the babies’ rooms to reveal very soon! But today I want to share what we’ve been doing around here since I keep talking about it!

1. Column Rebuild a la GDR Style

I cannot tell you how many times big G has come through for me in my life, and I won’t try because those are fun stories to share for Growing Up Renfro… but most recently we’ve had a complete rebuild of a rotted column on our front porch.

image_2 image_1 imageimage_4image_6

Our little project manager!

photo 1photo 2

The precision involved in this project was insane. It is fully completed, the entire porch has been repainted and it looks incredible. The column to the left was our rebuild. It is an exact copy of the original design. Dad wouldn’t have it any other way! I won’t ever be able to say thank you enough to my parents for how hard they work for their family. This column job was completed last Friday after a nine hour workday in 90 degree heat. Terri and Gary are just machines. No one works harder than they do!

2. We are actually seeing progress on the new deck outside:photo-11

3. Raccoon Fur on the bookshelves!photo-9

4. We painted Rhett’s closet. Here are the before shots:photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

(after shots coming once we get the shelving back in place!)

5. Joseph’s project is coming together! photo-10

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will have the big reveal for the “man cove” and significant process in Rhett’s room! I have mucho sewing to do… still.

Happy Friday everyone! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Severe Nesting, and The Great Rug Debate

Let’s talk about the things we have underway around here…

  1. Shorty got a paint job going- or three.  All main living space (die, beige), guest room-turned-big girl room, and new nursery. Progress is moving on the main space, the other two rooms are pending paint colors.
  2. Speaking of new rooms, they each have their own separate list, running a bit long perhaps, but totally doable before Rhett arrives. Paint, drapes, art, furniture, accessories. Cake. (no cake?)
  3. Deck demo. Total deck rebuild happening in our backyard right now. It is going to be seriously amazing. Stay tuned for a giant post on the project as it progresses.
  4. Island dreaming. Not the tropical kind. I am ready to completely trim out and repaint the island a contrasting color. Probably grey, maybe white. I know, I’m dangerous.
  5. Library Rug.  And here I am.

There are so many, many… many rugs out there. And I have changed my mind so much it makes me nervous to commit to a design. But there are a couple I’ve been eyeing for a while, and I think I found the one… maybe.

Has anyone heard of Rugs USA? Because I’m new to them, but they have these famous flash sales that last for days at 50% and 65% off + free shipping. I thought I’d check it out and now I’m like, whoa. 200RSXMP217B 176HRI04CHA200SPRE14A-1I thought I had a winner. Dying over these tassels. However, they’re out of the size I need. But, because Rugs USA gets it, if you provide your email, they will send you a notification when the size you need is available again! And their current 65% off sale is going on for 19 more hours, so don’t miss out! So, I was learning a lesson in patience. But then I found these at Layla Gracethumb-2.aspx thumb.aspx thumb-1.aspx

While they’re not on clearance, they’d still be a steal, especially that first one. So now I’m all confused again. Traditional or contemporary? My internal debate continues.

Come back around next week for some pics of what’s going on around here. Lots of fun stuff, and let me tell you, with each paint stroke that covers this beige, it’s like angels singing. I may be a bit dramatic. But it’s true.

Happy Thursday! Almost the weekend again!

A Little Cabinet

There once was a little cabinet,

He was nearing the end of his days.

So old he was, beat up and worn,

But I thought he could be saved.


Off with the knobs and on with the paint,

A sharp little fellow now is he.

What a crisp shade of green, handsome and clean,

A salvaged one, he was destined to be!










I love this little guy now!  And this was my answer for this burning desire to incorporate that dark green!  This was a sample custom color match that was adjusted from a Ralph Lauren color, so I can’t give you the exact name (sorry).  This color was in the running for the walls, but I’m so glad I added this pop of green instead.  It really helps to pull the green out of my vintage botanical prints!

*Sidebar: if you have hung anything in a grid like the below, when you take them off the walls, number them, and pair them with the exact hanger on which each is hanging.  I didn’t do this, so learn from me.  I played musical pictures for about 45 minutes until I finally gave up and just measured and hammered new holes in the walls.  It was frustrating, but was pretty funny too.  But save yourself the time!



And it inadvertently gave me a little direction to add more green to my table, and possibly new cushions for my chairs.  My intention has always been to find some big arm chairs for the ends, so I’m part-time on the hunt for those, but not in a big hurry.  That wall under the botanicals really needs a medium-sized buffet/cabinet/chest and some cool lamps.  I’m part-time looking for that too.

I also pulled out my carpet samples from Myers, and think I picked one for the dining room!  Well, I like two, but I’m leaning toward this one… maybe.



My husband loves the little cabinet now too!  See.  We salvage things around here.

Happy Thursday everyone!  We are so ready for the beach.  And I can’t wait to do some of this with my big little brother!!



And some of this maybe.



And to see what this little diva thinks about the big waves!


Dining Room Reveal

For the past couple of weekends, all I have been doing is working on the dining room.  I keep walking by and I am genuinely surprised every time!  It’s been a half-finished dump zone for so long, and I am now sincerely in love with this space.

I debated for hours on painting it black, then possibly dark green.  But in the end this shade of grey, Flagstone by Martha Stewart, fits into the color scheme of our home perfectly.  To top it all off, I actually pulled my china out of storage.  And I intend to use it!







And I have a secret too.  You know that sheet set I mentioned before?  This one?



I pulled that flat queen sheet right out of there and did a little of this:


And then a little of this:


The best tip I have for drapes is these little little guys.  So then I added some of them:





Then they hang like this!


Guys, the size of a flat, queen sheet is perfect for a set of double windows.  I love the herringbone pattern (of course), but what I love even more is the relatively short amount of time it took to knock out this project.  Start to finish on the drapes, it took roughly three hours, which can be mostly attributed to a large amount of ironing/steaming to get them looking crisp.  Queen sheets are already hemmed all the way around, so adjusting one side with hem tape is all it took.

I love it!  So happy about my view from the kitchen!


Have a great Monday everyone!  I’m on the countdown until I get to see this guy’s face step off a plane from Afghanistan:



Skirting the Sink

I am finished with my version of this gorgeous sink skirt!  I’ve been excited to share with you guys since some of you are thinking about doing this too.  So, remember that great tutorial?  


That’s where I started.  So to begin, here are a couple shots of our very-hard-to-photograph powder room.  I’m sure a wide-angle lens would be much better on this.  But onto the the before!



And a tiny project within a project- DIY chalkboard!  Old frame- plywood cut to size at your local hardware store- chalk paint!  I then took the pieces to Hobby Lobby and they secured the back for me for no charge since I had two or three other things to be framed.


So here we go with the sink skirt.  I literally followed Eddie Ross’s tutorial step by step.  Except of course nothing went according to plan.  Does it ever?

1. My “flour sack towels” came and they were not nearly as crisp and perfect as Eddie’s.  My towels came and they were sort a cross between cheese cloth and linen.  Instead of buying another big pack and seeing how it went, I just went with it and tried to make it work.

2. Unlike Eddie’s luck, these towels were too long for my sink height.  With some math, and messing around with the width of how they were folded, I needed 5 panels, 10″ in width and 2 small ones at 5″ for the back space near the wall- all at 31″ long.  I wanted the box pleats to be obvious, but not that chunky, so I only overlapped them about an inch.

3.  The wrinkles would NOT give.  I ironed these for hours and almost tossed the whole idea, but I thought it was at least worth a try.

4. I learned to love fabric glue.  It feeds the need for instant gratification. I used it to secure the ribbon on the hem, and around the top.

5. I’m a bit impatient, so I pinned the panels together at their box pleats, and then flipped the whole thing over and pinned the strip of velcro.  One seam sounded like a good idea, but it took some adjusting to make sure the box pleats didn’t fold up on themselves.

6. Is anyone still reading this?  I sucked this time at the “during” pictures.

7. If I had it to do over again, I would buy one cut of heavy-duty duck cloth or other some such fabric and create real-life box pleats.  These towels made things a little difficult.

HOWEVER!!!  I am really happy with the end result!  I may still take the steamer to this thing to work out those wrinkles.  I learned how I think I could do this better next time in case I decide to do this again someday!  So, after all that, here you go:











Have a great Thursday!  The week is almost over, yay!

A Bench Situation

Since we’ve already established my thing for chairs, it’s not hard to believe that stretches to cover benches and settees as well.  And I am all over the place in the styles that I love.  312d596eba995ffe8a26334767a6e652-1 c020f94cb5597be1b51a30117fffd4d9-1 7a41984223c416bbf54dda29ede35f47

via Pinterest


This guy is on sale right now at West Elm for 1/2 off!  At $250, I believe I need to find a place for this to live.


I already have this little gem underway here at home.  And I when I say underway, I may or may not mean that I started this project three years ago… and my husband is like… can we sell that bench…?  NO WAY!  Ok maybe… but I I don’t know.  I might like it still.

This was a Craigslist purchase for $125.  I don’t feel bad about that.


Because it has mother of pearl inlay.  Isn’t the detail pretty?  I had no idea when I went to pick it up that it had such intricate wood cut detail.  I intended to paint it white.  I even spray painted a tiny spot white on the front right leg to force myself to paint it.  Then I wanted to shoot myself, so I spent the better part of an hour with super fine sandpaper getting the paint off. Unless you look closely you won’t see it.  Thank God.  What a dumb idea that was.


I ripped that fabric off and found sort a mess in there.  I don’t have a shot of the stuffings, but it wasn’t pretty.  I decided to leave it and just recover the seat for the time being.

Our House 003

Our House 004

Our House 008

Our House 007

This is accurate of it’s current state.  I had wild expectations of making double piping, and upon further research found that I may not really want to tackle that.  Hence, I’m sitting here three years later trying to figure out if I should trim it out with something fun and contrasting.  Or if maybe I should take it down to my guy Kenny at Morgan Upholstery and let him rebuild the insides so someone could actually sit on it.  Because right now when someone sits on it I’m like:


(you sure you wanna do that?)

Because you could, in fact, fall through there.  Maybe.

So I’m in somewhat of a conundrum on the bench thing.  But I really, really love that source bench from West Elm.  See, here he is again:


My oh my.  What’s your vote?  Do we love the antique bench, or do we let it go and snatch up this more contemporary piece?

Happy Thursday!