Industrial Shelves and a Sickly Girl

Ya’ll I’ve been seriously under the weather for the past 48 hours.  I mean, feeling absolutely miserable.  No fever, but awful body aches, stomach cramps, and that general feeling of being completely exhausted just from walking up the steps.  I’m digging deep for some inspiration today, but I did find it!

I always look forward to the Houzz weekly update email that comes, because there are always gorgeous rooms and ideas, but also excellent project ideas.  Like this one:

This is the perfect answer to my shelving woes like I mentioned last week in this organization post.  I’ve been scavenging the internet for dressers to turn into shelving, or some otherwise grand idea, but this is just too perfect! I love the industrial look of these, which is usually not my style.  But, it really works!  She used salvaged wood, but I think you could use simple pine stair treads, which I just saw at Home Depot for $10.87 each!
If this looks like something you might want to try, click here for the tutorial!
I’ll hopefully be back to myself tomorrow.  This sick stuff is no bueno, people.

Closet Organization

I am usually pretty organized, but over the past year my closets have gotten completely out of hand.  It’s one of those things that just creeps up on me and all of a sudden I’m like, yikes.  I have a project closet that has me looking like a hoarder.  So I’ve been looking for some inspiration:

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Images via Pinterest

I see a trip to the Container Store in my future…!

I already have this Rugby Stripe bin that I love.  It comes in two different sizes!  I would love three or four of these for my project closet for all my fabric remnants.


These whitewashed wood bins are for sure on my list:


This Skandia shelving unit would be a great start to reworking my project closet:


I have the spring cleaning bug and it’s not even March.  I’ll keep you guys posted on the progress!  Happy Monday!  I hope you’re off work too!