Color Crush: Sweet Peach

Recently a dear friend of mine came to me with some ideas for a baby girl nursery, hoping we could brainstorm on color. “Something with no pink. Or very little pink,” she said. So I thought about the colors she tends to go for, not pink, and girl. And I thought: peach!

Now peach has gone really wrong in the recent past, right? (read: 80s peach and blue floral, yack). But it’s coming back around a little bit, and boy is it pretty when done right. Apartment Therapy had a 2012 spotlight on peach that, ahem, per the comments just didn’t go over very well.

But I don’t care. I’m calling it.

Peach is a perfect option when you get sick of pink. And pink can get worn out really quick when you start shopping for anything baby girl. When done in a delicate, soft shade, it can be a great accent color as well as a main player.

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 Above images via Pinterest

But hey, if you aren’t ready to paint the walls, what about easing into it?il_570xN.675817654_bj7i

Pillow cover via Etsy: $40


Pillow cover via Etsy: $28


Lightweight scarf via Etsy: $28


Peach Pressed Glass Candle Pot via Pottery Barn: $24.50


Peach Garland via Land of Nod: $10.95


Crossbody Bag via Banana Republic: $130


Herbs and Spices Print in Peach via Rifle Paper Co: $40


And because Valentine’s Day is coming!

via Rifle Paper Co: $4.50

I am loving peach, and I’m not afraid to say it! I’m excited to see where my friend’s little nursery ends up… hopefully I’ll be able to share what she does when it’s complete!

Happy Thursday! Come around tomorrow for another peek at our little cottage-in-progress, with the kids’ hallway!  I need ideas for the walls.


One thing I really believe in is well-designed and thoughtful correspondence. I love heavy card stock, unique designs, and quality printing. When we were married, our invitations were probably the most painstaking labor of love in the process, even down the the postage. I used several stamps in differing sizes to mimic the days before the forever stamp. Also part of that process was the embossed stamp we used for the return address. I am drawn to stamps that are a bit more casual for everyday correspondence, but you could certainly choose something more formal if it suits you. I have been eyeing several different stamp designs for quite some time, so I thought I would share! What is great about these Etsy shops is that most of the designers are willing to customize these for you. Of course there are a few arrows….il_570xN.341738095 il_570xN.403404406_i3rl il_570xN.420560013_h2rs il_340x270.282454252 il_570xN.356378326_98tn il_570xN.284151587 il_570xN.449475645_6qkf

Do you have a favorite return address stamp? One of these is certainly on my list of must-haves!

I hope your Thursday is a great one! More work to come this weekend, and hopefully a non-lazy Lacey when it comes to getting out my real camera to get some shots of what we are doing around here!

PS- I received confirmation that another article I’ve written will be in the debut issue of Vintage Holiday set to come out this fall! On my way…

Aztec and Arrows

I have to admit that I’m really loving this arrow trend right now! In that same vein, I’ve been noticing more of an aztec vibe both in fashion and home accents as well, and the little arrow is just my favorite part of that. Here are a few of my favorite things!


$10 via 1point61


$16 Iphone case via Scribbles and Stripes


$16 Inifinity Arrow Scarf via Megan’s Menagerie


$50 Arrow pillow cover via Classic By Nature


$36 Aztec Sweater via Casey Longyear


$25 Aztec Messenger Bag via Target


$14 Arrow earrings via In the Lavender Haze

Happy Monday everyone! It’s my first full week back from being on vacation, so I’m mentally preparing myself for a five-day work week.  Come on Friday…

Sail Away

Monday again? Anyone else want to sail away? I have different groups of friends in Mexico this week who don’t even know each other, so I am doubly jealous. I mean, I know I was just in Florida, but still. A girl can still dream.

And one of those dreams involves a long weekend in New England antiquing, meandering, drinking coffee, and wearing large sunglasses. And probably lots of stripes. I have a serious love for all things nautical. I already have several touches of nautical inspiration in my home, but here are a few of my favorite things from Etsy that take me back to the sea.

This print might make an appearance in the new nursery if we find we are expecting a boy!


From High Street Market (one of my very favorite shops!), this is a door stopper but would be great for layering in a bookcase!


These colors are incredible.


Digging this vintage paddle!


Another excellent “little something” for a subtle nautical touch.


One of these is on my husband’s wish list and I agree!


While this porthole mirror is a little on the pricey side, I die over that green.


I have to admit that I also love the anchor trend right now. I am beyond excited to about these custom ruffle pants coming soon for Aurelia!


I chose a mint monogram, and I cannot wait to see my tiny, busy girl bustling around Destin in these when we go back in July. I ordered from Ladybugs & Tadpoles, which is owned by a fabulous gal from my hometown, Malorie Meadows.  Check out her Facebook page here for some of the cutest baby and children’s clothes around!

Have a great Monday everyone!

A Little Birdie

I’m in the mood for a little prize.  Birds are everywhere and I have to say I love them.  Real life birds are ok, just as long as they don’t get too close to me.  Real birds kind of freak me out.  And at 4:30 in the morning they really make me mad chirping their heads off like there is something seriously important going on out there in the dark.  However, I really like these little birdie prizes!


One of these is definitely coming home for Aurelia’s future big girl room!


This is such a great color!  I might need to add this to my stash for my gallery wall in the library.  It’s going to happen.  Must close up that big cut out.



This pretty melon color is one of my favorites, and I’m due for a new scarf for spring!




Tiny and precious.  Love these little studs.




Every birdie needs a nest.  These are on sale for $.75 right now at World Market!




I’ve been looking for a pair of large bird prints to put over our nightstands in our master bedroom.  I love this Blue Heron!




How sweet are these cake toppers?




Oh wait.  That’s not a birdie.  But maybe one of those other little birdies will tell Mr. Saggio this is on Mama’s wish list for her 30th birthday….

I hope you guys have a great Thursday!  I am feeling great and looking forward to another beautiful spring day.

Little Prizes

From time to time I find myself losing hours scrolling, searching, and oohing on Etsy.  I’ve mentioned this once or twice, maybe.  Three times?  Ok, a lot.  Sometimes we just need a little something, right?  Picking out a prize is a toddler-sized fix-it for adult-sized problems.  Growing up we never shopped as a coping method to make us feel better.  As a young girl, Mama didn’t want me to learn to seek social acceptance because I bought the right clothes or shoes, or even brand new.  I think this stuck.  My love for things salvaged came from her.  It’s grown into loving one-of-a-kind pieces, rehab-able pieces, steals, deals, sales, and all-around uniqueness.  I hope to raise my daughter to love Target, hand-made, and I hope she loves random.  And not worry about what the label says.  Class is a trait you carry around in how you walk, up around your shoulders, in your eyes.  I want her to learn to love beautiful things, and things that make her feel beautiful.  Or just happy!

Sometimes a little something for a few dollars just makes me really happy.  A lot of times it’s actually in finding the perfect gift for someone else.  I thought for this rainy day I would pull some of my favorites for you from Etsy.  Some of them make me think of people I love, and some of them seem as if they’re made just for me!  Enjoy.  And click the pics to jump to the seller.  Look around and lose some hours.  It’s fun.

A little foxy mug!


Letterpress calling cards.  I really want some of these!


Definitely ordering this soon for Aurelia’s room!


Jadeite.  (making o-face)


You could say I have a thing for bows…


Dying over these gold mugs!


I also die over white ceramic animals.  And seriously?  Who doesn’t need an antelope?


I hope your day is a great one!  Maybe you should get yourself a little prize.

Disclaimer: The Salvaged has not been compensated and will not be compensated by these sellers or Etsy in any way for any sales coming from this post.  I mean, maybe one day sponsors will be knocking the door down to be a part of what I’m building here.  But not today.  I share these with you purely because I love them.