Painted Wood Floors

Joseph and I were talking last night about our plans for bathroom updates down the line, which include wide-plank hardwoods I’ve already purchased that are just waiting for us to rip up the linoleum in the guest bath and slap them down. It really sparked my excitement for painted hardwoods again. So I did a little searching to see what everyone else was doing, or not. What do we think?

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Anna of Door Sixteen has a quick and easy tutorial for prepping and painting existing hardwoods and they are gorgeous! I also love the cracks showing through, but for a bathroom where splashes will definitely ensue, I think we’ll have to seal it up a bit more.

I’m also really impressed with this Home Decorators Vanity from Home Depot! It’s on sale right now for $299, down from $499. Oh man, I can feel another project coming on…


Happy Tuesday everyone!

*Images 1-5 via Pinterest


One thing I really believe in is well-designed and thoughtful correspondence. I love heavy card stock, unique designs, and quality printing. When we were married, our invitations were probably the most painstaking labor of love in the process, even down the the postage. I used several stamps in differing sizes to mimic the days before the forever stamp. Also part of that process was the embossed stamp we used for the return address. I am drawn to stamps that are a bit more casual for everyday correspondence, but you could certainly choose something more formal if it suits you. I have been eyeing several different stamp designs for quite some time, so I thought I would share! What is great about these Etsy shops is that most of the designers are willing to customize these for you. Of course there are a few arrows….il_570xN.341738095 il_570xN.403404406_i3rl il_570xN.420560013_h2rs il_340x270.282454252 il_570xN.356378326_98tn il_570xN.284151587 il_570xN.449475645_6qkf

Do you have a favorite return address stamp? One of these is certainly on my list of must-haves!

I hope your Thursday is a great one! More work to come this weekend, and hopefully a non-lazy Lacey when it comes to getting out my real camera to get some shots of what we are doing around here!

PS- I received confirmation that another article I’ve written will be in the debut issue of Vintage Holiday set to come out this fall! On my way…

White Island

I’m having a thought. Well, I’ve been having this thought for a long time, so I thought I would see what the general feelings are our there about this. I think my kitchen could use a bit of lightening up. And I think a white island would do just that! I’ve found a few shots for inspiration and I am loving it! I need another paint job like a hole in my head, but I think this would be an easy project… don’t tell my husband… 27d934677c7165550d6f7fccdbf08869 bc8cd7790f2ddd353217df28cb7a9516 02c47aad4e40071cdd9496653020d79c 77e2f37a8fb5cfc9727de3564a8a7370

I believe the cabinets here in the last shot are just like the ones in my kitchen. I have always loved the look of mix-matched cabinets. What do we think? Yes!? Or, not so much…?

Lots of work went on around our house this Labor Day. It was an awesome, much needed weekend. Happy baby girl, great times with family. It really was wonderful! Did anyone notice my little sneak peek of Rhett’s room this weekend? If not, you should be following me on Instagram! Look me up!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

*images via Pinterest search

The Grand Tudor

It is very interesting to me to see how much my taste has changed just in the few short years since I really took an interest in learning about design. Even though I am self-taught and have only scratched the surface, I have come to appreciate design styles and interiors that really make me stretch. (Keep an eye out for the article I wrote for Victorian Homes in the Christmas issue!). One of the styles that has really caught my eye as of late are the great English and French Tudor. Interiors with a European flair, strong stately details: I’m seeing these homes with new eyes and I am in love.6640ee779187b9b0da8920f5c9a662ca 7d6c44356dcbdb1feeba1ae6d63b2ae6 cf62e73ddbfc3179611d3d6d5d93c4fc 8b4f1351a022c56f08f8b59abf9b273c9a9095800783ce306eb7f7d1a84e308a a224a1f8af84e3740bdb9e6aedfc94ff b8d0ffcb80abf038193d978e7adef2cc 69b17bbfa6cbb13690d4da9a53cf1923 0eac6fe83044cf1f2f39291cc026b4ceThis recent revelation has thrown a kink in what I thought I knew about myself and my design taste. I have so enjoyed researching this style of architecture and noticing examples of influence everywhere! There is something incredibly romantic about these homes, and it speaks to the concept I have mentioned before about the loss of craftsmanship in new, American-built homes. Such beautiful details.

Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone! It’s a four day work week for me, then off to the lake with my favorite gals and our wonderful husbands to celebrate our “summer of 30.” I’m so looking forward to a weekend with such fabulous people!

*all images via Pinterest.  See more inspiration here!


Wallpaper Love

The paper for Rhett’s room is officially on the way! I am so excited to finally get his room moving. In doing so, I’ve had several conversations lately with friends who are leaning toward papering a small bathroom, or an accent like wall like we’re doing. Since wallpaper is not something our generation is overly familiar with, I thought I would share some patterns and ideas I absolutely love. Some of them are pricey, but for a small space, or for a big impact like a large mural, it would totally be worth the splurge. I am all about budgets and salvaged finds, but from time to time, spending the extra funds on the walls might just bring a big smile to your face for years to come.

To begin, Anthropologie now has some incredible papers made especially for their store. I am especially in love with the murals.

This would be so magical for a child’s room.


And this is perfect for a dining room. Just perfect.


The bohemian feel of this paper makes me think young and funky- great for a tween room that would lend itself to a great guest bedroom eventually as well.



Visit Anthro’s site for their full wallpaper collection here!

I’m also in love with these two Fornasetti Papers I’ve come across via Cole & Son:

97-1002 97-2007

See more of the Fornasetti collection here!

Since I’m new at this wallpaper hunt business, I have much to learn about where to shop, what designers strike my fancy, and of course, how to hang it myself. I’ve found this detailed tutorial that seems to stir up my memories of seeing my parents hang paper and what they taught me about doing it correctly. I’m going to hang onto this for Rhett’s project. The paper is on its’ way, so very soon I’ll have pics to share!

Happy Thursday!

Outdoor Space in a Snap

One of my favorite things to do is to put together a quick look for a space on a dime. I genuinely love the hunt, the bartering and of course seeing it all come together. After doing this so long for myself and others, it has become easier to spot a steal when someone doesn’t know what they have, to see the good bones of a piece and to determine if it is good quality, usually by the pictures or asking questions about the manufacturer or history of the piece. Sellers often just want to get rid of something. It can be hit or miss, true, but those hits are always so worth it.

We have been working nonstop around here getting projects knocked out that we’ve been sitting on for a while. One of those is rebuilding one of the columns on the front porch (more details to come on that!), and giving everything a nice, fresh coat of paint. In doing so, you know I’m thinking of restyling the front porch, so I thought it would be fun to pull together some listings this morning of some furniture and accessories- all from Craigslist. This search is happening in real time as of 5:30 am. You can do this too! Click the pics to link to the listing.

I am into island-inspired pieces right now (possibly because I’m channeling my inner need for a tropical vacation…) So, here we go.

A couple of new chairs would be a great starting point!


How about a little table for your nightcap or coffee? Or ice cream… A new, glossy black paint job and this table will move from whoa to wow just like that.


Probably need a couple of outdoor pillows.


And some greenery. New planter? Love the greek key detail on this one! How about an outdoor rug too?




Fun little experiment there, folks! If you’re willing to take the time, and have a little patience, you can literally find anything you want from someone close by looking to sell just what you’ve been looking for. See what you can find!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Laundry Room Dreaming

Some of my favorite bloggers have recently updated their laundry rooms and I have loved seeing everyone’s creative ideas to update their space for little to no money and a bit of ingenuity. It seems there are lots of people out there who are tired of their boring little laundry closets. I’ve been looking for inspiration shots of spaces that look similar to the size of our current laundry “room” (it’s a closet), and others where I loved the small details. Here are some of my favorites!


This set of navy front loaders is a fun alternative to the stainless v. white debate.


A countertop would be ideal for folding for sure!


One thing is for sure, I would definitely need more storage space- love the high cabinets! But I’m also thinking of open shelving.


This tile is so gorgeous. I would love to do the entire back wall in tile from floor to ceiling.


I especially love how they’ve lifted the washer and dryer up off the floor here- makes for a much easier time loading and unloading! I am also really into that industrial pendant light and warm wood tones!

Click here to visit my inspiration boards on Pinterest, including the Laundry board!

Happy, rainy Thursday everyone. It’s almost the weekend!