Home Tour: Upstairs Bath

So, surprise!  We are having a Saturday Home Tour this week.  It was a long, rough week with this sickness that we just couldn’t shake, but I think we are finally coming out of it!  Today I have for you, the upstairs bath.  Sadly, I don’t have a before picture for you.  And I sure wish I did.  Because the walls were sort of this darkish/greenish/poop color, and we had a Texas-star-inspired wallpaper border running along the top of the wall.  This bathroom took the most work on the walls after removing the border, which I am convinced was attached with some sort of super glue.  This meant many hours of patching drywall, sanding, re-patching and more sanding.

There is still a ton we want to do in here, like many other projects we hope to tackle along the way.  Slow and steady as we go here, people.  So, I give you, the upstairs bath:

IMG_2215 IMG_2216 IMG_2217

1. We want to replace the floor:


via apartment therapy

I love painted hardwoods in certain situations.  We definitely want to get rid of the linoleum, asap, and it would be a very affordable update!  I love Good Wood Nashville!  The concept of using reclaimed lumber is such a great way to go!  They “Reclaim. Repurpose. Renew.”  Love that.

2. The vanity situation.  I seriously don’t know what to do here.  It’s really not that bad.  So in my mind we have two choices: a) replace the top with Carrera and an under mount sink, get a new faucet, replace the cabinet doors, and add feet detail so it looks something like this:


via Houzz

OR b) get a new vanity/sink.  This is where it’s at you guys:


via Restoration Hardware

3. Obviously we need to replace that mirror too.

You know I inherently lean toward salvaging what I have.  So I think that utilizing our current vanity and working on some updates might be a good idea.  But I die over that Restoration Hardware vanity.  Time will tell, my dears!  I just don’t know…

I hope you’re all having a wonderful, cozy Saturday.  We are all snuggled in and cuddling our girl!  See you Monday for our regularly scheduled programming.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Home Tour: The Man Cove

Well happy Friday morning to you!  I’m always surprised when it’s Friday again, but oh so thankful.  So.  What is a Man Cove, you say?  Deemed a “cove” by my good friend Erin Souder, it is not quite a cave, you see.  It has three walls and is open to the upstairs hallway.  This room, like everything other room, is a work in progress.  This was my nesting place when we brought Aurelia home from the hospital.  This is a cozy space we like to watch the DVR at night.  It might end up being taken over as a playroom one day, but not today.

So, the Man Cove:



This sofa is one of my favorite spots in the house.  This is where I slept for the first few nights of Aurelia’s life, with her bassinet pulled up beside me.  Ok that’s a lie.  For a while I held her all night because I was terrified to put her down.  She weighed about five pounds when we brought her home and she looked too tiny in there by herself.  And, this was one of my first big girl purchases when I had my own apartment.  It’s from Ashley furniture, and considering it was $499, I’d say I got my money’s worth out of it.

That tube tv is just sexy right?



Ok does anyone have an answer to the ceiling fan debate?  Probably not, hence the debate.  In my research and perusing, I’ve found that many all designers hate ceiling fans, which I totally get.  My issue is that I hate this fan, but it’s white, so it’s not that obnoxious because it blends in with the white ceiling.  That’s a stretch I know just go with it.  But you can’t deny the excellent nap potential on a summer afternoon with a light blanket and the fan on high.  Ya’ just can’t deny it.


I know this lamp is awkward.  This whole table situation is a little awkward.  I’d like to find a sharp looking chest to put against the wall.  Not too deep, with a lighter stain, or maybe painted.  We need DVD storage like, in a ridiculous way.  *Note: I find it hard to think about letting go of this table because my brother Alex has it’s mate in his townhouse in Florida.  And it’s super heavy, and I like it.  But it’s awkward right here.


The chair and ottoman were a Craiglist purchase for $350.  I was ready to haggle them down, but when I got there I could see the sellers really needed the cash, so I didn’t say anything.  Joseph loves his man chair.


The barrel is a vintage whiskey barrel from Kentucky.  A seller in Hendersonville had hundreds of these stacked in a barn and we paid $75 for it I believe.  And this wall is about to get a big makeover like this:


My honey deserves a new tv, and I can’t wait to get him one.  I’d love to get this as our tv stand:


It’s been on sale for a while at World Market for $179.99.  I’m in love with it.  I must make this happen!

So, that’s the Man Cove!  Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Home Tour: The Staircase and Hallway

Hi!  Oh thanks for showing up, Friday!  We all missed you.  For today’s stop on the Home Tour, I want to show you the staircase and what I’m calling the hallway, even though we don’t really have a hallway because everything is open to everything.  You shall see what I mean in a moment.

Unfortunately I don’t have a before shot of the stairs.  But just so you have somewhat of a visual, this is similar to where we started:


The layout isn’t quite right.  But you get the picture- lots of oak.  So I did a lot of searching and researching and found a few pics for inspiration:

4dab4fcdcf94c006a6d22cfce1b7473f d8f650457a16e3585a1f348b32ade7b4

I was really nervous about doing an all white staircase at first.  So I thought about re-staining it.  I thought about painting the handrail and the newels black.  But in the end, I had to go with white:


To paint the newels and handrails white, I sanded them all using medium grit sandpaper for the first coat, and then with fine grit before cleaning them off for painting.  They were covered in poly, and it took some work.  And it made a mess.  I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra in bright white, high gloss finish.  Note: I also spent the entire summer of 2011 painting all the shoe mold and baseboards in the entire downstairs.  The shoe mold was unfinished.  I can’t figure out why they decided to leave it unfinished, but it was.  Open nail holes and no stain.  Looked awful.  Because our baseboards are standard size (and while I long for 8″ baseboards throughout the house, it’s on the long list, not the short one) I chose to paint the shoe mold white instead of trying to match the floor.  I know there are different schools of thought on this.  And I know traditionally the shoe mold is considered part of the floor.  But I don’t care.  White looks better.  Per the usual.  This is also a good shot to show you our new paint color.  We are painting (slowly) in sections.  The lighter color where the picture is hanging (original watercolor bought on the water in Venice.  Swoon.)- that’s the new color.  I am over all versions of builder’s beige.  Over. It.  Sorry if you’re into it.  Go for it.  But I hate it in my house.  It is literally everywhere.  Well not for long, you beige.




From our master bedroom:


From the other side:


Below is a shot of the area I would love to do a huge pattern of some kind.  I think it would look amazing once the wall color has been changed, to then stencil a large geometric pattern on the walls here.  Just in the staircase.  This is not a place I would consider papering- too much of a commitment:

IMG_2220And finally, the carpet situation:


Surprisingly the carpet doesn’t make me want to run and scream.  It’s relatively new and I don’t mind it that much.  The color isn’t obnoxious, it doesn’t show dirt or stains, and I’m fine with it for now.  Long term, I’d love to have a big re-do.  Like this:


But in the meantime, I’m good with my white staircase.  In fact, against the new wall color, which is Sandpiper by Martha Stewart, I love it even more.

If you’re thinking about getting rid of your old oak handrails, do it!  It’s completely worth it.

Happy Friday!  Have a beautiful weekend.

Home Tour: The Guest Room

Good morning and happy Friday!  Home tour Friday continues on upstairs to the guest room, which is in constant fluctuation.  Our bedrooms are all decent sizes, but for some reason I cannot figure out, none of the windows were centered on the bedroom walls when the house was built.  It’s as if everything is just shifted a couple feet one way.  I’m sure this doesn’t bother everyone, but this makes it hard to figure out furniture placement!  So it started like this:


Recently I pulled another Craigslist steal out of storage.  This is an Elliott’s Designs iron bed, which retails around $900 or more.  I scored it for $125.  So then it looked like this:


My pics aren’t awesome, sorry!  The little side table is a $10 flea market find.  It’s an old sewing machine table.  I painted it a minty green called “pale cucumber” by Behr, which is also the color of the walls in Aurelia’s room.  The walls are “organic garden” also by Behr.  All of sudden I feel like this color turned way too blue.  I’m ready to change it again.  In the spirit of pre-planning, one day Aurelia will move into this room, so I might lighten it way up. I like this wall color a lot:


via Elements of Style

I love pink and green, as we all know!  This is a Sherwin Williams color called “blanched coral” and I love how subtle it is!  Erin Gates of Elements of Style did all the hard research on the perfect pink… sooooo, thanks Erin!  I think adding navy and making things a little more preppy might be the answer!  I recently made more oatmeal linen window treatments and hung them in the guest room, but I don’t have a pic yet!  I like it much better than the toile.  Anyway, the guest room in our house has been somewhat of a catch-all, so it’s ready for a little update!

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a great weekend!

Home Tour: The Library

I can’t believe it’s already Friday again!  This week has flown by.  So what that means is that it’s time for the home tour!  Today I want to show you our library.  It’s also an office.  And right now, it moonlights as a play room too!  So, here we are!

This is what it looked like the day we moved in:

Library Before

I love our hardwoods.  They are wide-plank maple, and from what I can tell were either just sealed, or stained something very light to bring out the grain in the wood.  We have talked on and off about having them refinished to a darker stain, but the longer we live here, the more I love them.  I know dark hardwoods = “the new black” right now, but I think we win with these.  They don’t show a bit of dirt!

So, onward!

Our House 009

The walls are Martha Stewart’s “Seal” from Home Depot.  This shot was shortly after we finished painting and had my vintage chandelier hung up!

Our House 011

This is my prize.  And if we ever move, it will be specifically outlined in the contract that this chandelier does not remit to new owner.  I found this pretty piece on Craigslist with the medallion for $125.  I took it to Harold Cates at Expert Lamp Repair and he worked a miracle.  He re-wired, cleaned, and hand polished every crystal.  I love it.

The window treatments I made myself in oatmeal linen.  I have to find a new fabric to use for these projects.  Linen is so difficult to work with, even when just doing simple panels.  I know there are rules about a perfect break, and certain amounts of puddling/pooling, but this really works for me!  I may hem them up some more one day though.  We shall see.

photo 4

This is the reverse of the great room wall with television and fireplace.  And what was going to be the new home of the $100 Bernhardt dresser that I will forever be regretful of not getting to fast enough.  That weird hole just bothers me so much.  I can’t wait to close that up.  Another score for the 90s team and their tube tvs.

photo 1  I need some serious storage downstairs, and this is the perfect wall for it.  What needs to be stored, you ask?

photo 5

Just keeping it real ya’ll!  This is really Aurelia’s house.

Those two chairs cost me a fortune.  $25 for both.  I know, crazy.  The herringbone pillows were Etsy finds, and I had them monogrammed locally at The Uncommon Garden.  So, they started out looking like this:

Bamboo Chairs for a STEAL-1

A little paint, some more tugging and fighting with linen- ivory this time- and I have a little sitting (playing) area!

When we looked at this house, I knew it was our first home.  The open floor plan is just perfect for our family.  Even though Aurelia was not even on the horizon yet, I could still imagine little feet running circles all the way from the kitchen into the library and back.  This is one of my favorite rooms in the house!

Happy weekend everyone!

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Home Tour: Great Room

Finally back on track with our Home Tour Fridays!  Today: the great room!  Like most of our home, the living room is still coming together, and you’ll see what I mean about those huge windows and finally getting the drapes up.  This space is open to the second floor, the kitchen, and the library.  The bottom floor is very open, with the only exception being the dining room.  So here you are: the great room!

When we moved in, it looked like this:


Currently looking like this:





Those two chairs were both reupholstered by Kenny Morgan of Morgan Upholstery.  I have been so pleased with everything he’s done for me, and his pricing is so reasonable!  The one on the left was an antique find, for which I now know I overpaid (won’t do that again).  But the one on the right was a $10 flea market salvage that used to like this:

Vintage Chair II

One of my long (long, long) term projects will be to completely rework this fireplace.  The fact that it is off center is a source of some serious anxiety for me.  If I could have my way, I would have it built out and converted to wood burning:


via Howling Dog Design

These are some of my pins on bay window treatments that I find interesting.  I would love to do bamboo shades, or possibly new roman shades, so that might be on on the list as well!




Images via Pinterest

The big pattern isn’t in the cards for right now, and I’m usually not into red, but I really love the updated take on a navy and red color palate!

I am currently chasing a now-toddler (see photo bomb above) so off to play!  Happy weekend everyone!

If you have any sourcing questions, leave a comment and I’ll let you know!

Home Tour: Kitchen Details

Heyyyyy, I’m late with my post today, sorry!  Recovering from a travel day and being completely distracted by the funniest little girl ever, who loves this box more than any other toy ever apparently.


For today’s home tour, a few details before we move on to the living room next week!  The eat-in kitchen area is also long overdue for window treatments, which are pending.  In a heap in my library.  Busted.  However, our must-finish-in-2013 list includes these.  (we’ll see…)

IMG_2064 IMG_2063 IMG_1938 IMG_1939 IMG_1947 IMG_1948 IMG_1935


Our home is still coming into itself, and I’m still adding and changing things up all the time.  I mix all kinds of finishes and styles.  Like the light fixtures for example.  The fixture in the dining room and kitchen eat-in are the same style and brand, just different sizes, in an antique silver finish.  But, I picked a simple black outdoor lantern to go over the island.  I’m not fully convinced I’ll leave the lantern forever, but it’s cool for now!

My kitchen table is a custom piece from Rooster Mountain Furniture in Alabama.  Paul Holt is the man if you want an affordable farm table.  And, he personally delivered it.  My chairs are one of my prize Craigslist finds.  I was inspired by this:

Kitchen-ChairsAnd I found my chairs literally the very same day I started my hunt.  Couldn’t believe it.  They are heavy and indestructible.  I paid $300 for the chairs and table, which is a little more than I would’ve normally paid… but I had to have those chairs.

The crystal ice bucket was a gift from my sister-in-law and her new husband, and I just couldn’t put it in a cabinet.  Too pretty!

I have a thing for ships.  This is actually a door stopper, but it looked like a hazard to my toddling girl, so I moved it up to the counter.  Where it stayed.  I like it against the subway tile.

We got all of our fixtures at Southeastern Salvage, which is one of my all-time favorite spots to find amazing deals at even more amazing prices.  I love those pics of my tiny girl.  She was 10 days old there in that shot to the right.  The sweetest Valentine has grown entirely too fast.

Have a fantastic weekend and I’ll catch you guys Monday!