Found: O’verlays

I love it when I come across a genius, affordable product and O’verlays is just that! When I’m searching for great furniture finds, I now have another trick in my pocket to turn a piece from drab to fab, pronto. I’m not lucky enough to live near an Ikea (C’mon Ikea, haven’t you heard of Nashville?), but this inspired idea all began with two ladies dreaming about hacking their sleek, modern furniture pieces to make them more unique and high-style. And boy did they ever knock it out of the park. O’verlays are essentially trim pieces in different patterns that can be added to drawer fronts, windows, walls, pretty much whatever you think might need some visual interest.  Take a look!

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Images via Pinterest

I’m thinking these might be a fantastic option to trim out my island. I’ve been postponing that project because I just can’t seem to commit to what I want to do with it. I love this pattern the most I think (although it is hard to choose…)

anne 19 sq

And it’s called Anne, like my middle name, so it’s probably meant to be! I’ve measured and found that there are standard sizes that will work for the upper and lower cabinet ends, and that I can order custom sizes for the island! If you have a piece that might need a little boost, check it!

Have a great weekend! Hopefully you don’t have to go to work today like me…

A Peacock Sighting

I have recently discovered this elusive Peacock Chair situation. What is a peacock chair, you ask? My first sighting was here, in a West Elm catalog from the May issue:


See there to the left? So then I started doing a little digging and came across some beautiful images!

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And there began my obsession.

So I started hunting.

I found this one on Etsy for $250:


Not quite there yet, and it was really the only one I found there.

So I dug around on Craigslist and I found this one listed for $100:


It’s in Franklin, Kentucky, (and is still for sale) but I threw an offer of $60 and said I’d come get it (no clue when or how) just to see. The seller wasn’t so crazy about that. Kinda’ sent me a snotty email. I mean, it’s sitting on your front porch, Kentucky. Just let me come take it off your hands. But I was sort of not sure about it sitting outside for so long. So I waited.

Then, I spotted this gal:


Oh hey there peacock chair!

And guess what?


Read that again.


Oh what’s that peaking out from the corner in our bedroom?

IMG_2753 IMG_2751

The seller gave me the whole rundown about the history of this chair, and according to the owner, it had been passed down generation to generation and left in storage since the 1880s.

Happy Lacey.

And a big shout out again to my pal Wade Kirkland for doing this run for me!

Have a great Thursday everyone!

An Ugly Little Pot

I am trying with all my might to muster my inner green thumb this year. I’ve been doing a little research and thinking about what house plants I want to incorporate throughout our home. I would give anything for my grandmother Evelyn’s green thumb, passed down from her Mother, my great-grandmother, Alma. When I was little, Mama told me a story about Alma growing rose buses from pushing a cut rose, whose bloom had long-since died, in the ground and covering it with a mason jar. I tried it too, but no cigar. I’ve since killed several hanging plants, potted violets, and various other succulents. But I’m changing all that, beginning with my pretty new orchid. It’s been living here about three weeks and seems to be enjoying it. Since I didn’t kill it in a week, I bought a new pot! Well, and old, ugly little pot.



I found it the same day I picked up my big bar tray. It had a good shape, so I dragged it outside for a makeover with my favorite gold spray paint! Rustoleum’s Metallic Gold.



Much better! And that spot in the kitchen window could use a little gold. So I bought the proper orchid potting soil and performed a transplant. And by that I mean transferred the smaller, inner plastic pot to the new pot. Baby steps ok? It looked like I probably do need to replant it for real soon, but the roots looked great and I have successfully remembered to water it every Tuesday!IMG_2718





I really have to get my big camera out- these Iphone pics just aren’t cutting it! But you get the idea I think.

Happy Thursday everyone! Today is my Friday, because tomorrow I get to spend the whole day with my sweet baby girl!

Raising the Bar

When Joseph picked up our new desk for the library, that meant our old desk was getting the boot. It sat by the front door for about a week, impending the walkway, and truly just became a place to catch more junk, drop our trash ready to go outside, and collect baby toys. Oh the baby toys. And then one afternoon I slowly turned toward the dining room. And then back to the little white desk. And I had a thought. I wonder if this desk will tuck in right here under these prints?

DSCN2414photo 2-2

This turned into a perfect little nook to set up a bar area in the dining room! The space needed something right there so badly, and this is just perfect for now. As it turns out, I am so excited I was able to salvage my old $99 desk from Target.

But my favorite thing has to be this vintage brass tray I’d been eyeing at one of my go-to local shops, Clairrene’s Treasures. Right now the entire store is 30% off so make your way to Mt. Juliet if you’re in this area if you’re in the mood for some incredible antiquing! So this tray. It’s large, and gorg, and I paid a whopping $20 for it! I love the way this turned out.

photo 2-1

Have a great start to your week on this beautiful Monday!

Lincoln Desk

I hope everyone had a beautiful long weekend! I have been at it again. I feel like I may have a problem. My name is Lacey and I am addicted to Craigslist. But how could I not be when I come across treasures with this stamped in the drawer?


There isn’t a lot of information out there on these desks other than the fact that they were mostly made in the early 1900s in Chicago. Production was drastically affected by the war, like everything else of course, as wood was being used primarily for war efforts. I didn’t realize what I was looking at when I found the ad with these pics:

3Gb3Jf3He5N65L25Fed5f358e430bf88913b5 3Ic3Mf3H25Ge5E85Fed5f86cf8a3691911e25 3If3Lb3J65N65F95Mcd5f4645b105a7f61705

But I did know that a solid wood executive desk listed for $150 was probably coming to live at my house. I asked if he’d take $125. He just wanted us to come get it. So we did.


I had a tiny little helper when I started working on cleaning and touching up. She loves books like her Mama. And making messes. But I don’t mind, not even a little.

This desk has a lot of wear, but nothing a little furniture stain pen couldn’t remedy until I go for the big restoration at a later date. Which may mean never because I like the scratches and dings. Pretty sure we pay extra now for furniture that has been intentionally beaten up to look worn, no? I’m down for a piece that has had some real living.


This Early American stain was an exact match for the finish. So I got to work. The key with these pens is working it in with a paper towel. You can’t just color all over the scratches and leave it to dry.







Also something I have never been able to understand is why people would everput scotch tape on a piece of furniture:


And what is this, people?


I little careful work and some elbow grease using Goo Gone and it started to look like this:


Can you imagine how many bills have been written, homework problems worked through, discussions, family meetings, have been had at this desk? It is definitely well worn and loved.


I am in love with this piece for our library. It is truly a gorgeous color and looks perfect against the wall color.



You know what’s next, right? New office chair!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*first image via

Presenting the Henredon-osauras

Ok for real is anyone going to be as excited about this as I am? Oh man probably not. Remember my hunt for a triple dresser for our play room great room? Well guess what? This is what:



This dresser was included in a listing for a complete Henredon bedroom suit for $950, which can still be seen here. A few weeks ago I threw an offer out for just the dresser at $150 (no chance, right?). The seller was one of the best I’ve dealt with so far, because he told me he would give it a couple of weeks to see if there was interest in the set, and if not, he would let me know. I figured I would never hear from him again. Lucky for me that was not the case. 

Ole’ Chuck said he would take $175 and I said SOLD. Now the tricky part was getting it picked up. I hired my amazing friend Wade Kirkland to do the run to Murfreesboro to pick it up (and hey, check out his site for BeastMode Apparel for the coolest workout gear around). I knew this one wasn’t a deal to be wishy washy on pick up. Wade carefully manhandled this guy into our great room for the most part BY HIMSELF and I have sort of died several times over the past 12 hours about this piece. I mean seriously. It’s Henredon. It is the Henredon-osaurus because it is giant (as in 78″ long). And it is perfect. I don’t even know what a new one would cost because Sprintz doesn’t even post the prices. But I’d comfortably say it is a fraction of what it is worth. Oh and the mirrors! Those will probably be painted and hung in our future bathroom remodel, of which I am always dreaming.

photo-5 photo-6


I cannot wait to style my new find! I’m already scoping out a set of lamps. I’m thinking maybe a set of these from Target a la Nate Berkus:



I am off to start my Friday! I hope it zips by, because we have such a fun Memorial Day weekend planned! We are officially celebrating my brother home with a big Renfro cookout on Sunday! Happy weekend everyone. Thank you for being such lovely readers!