Found: An Unexpected Home Decor Source

Good Monday morning! It’s nasty and rainy here so movies and coffee and snuggling it is!

This weekend we got a little closer to finishing the kids bathroom, which has been under construction for the last three weeks. Things take a little extra time when you have two toddler-sized helpers. The sink went in yesterday and hopefully we’ll get the toilet in tonight, and everything put back together this week. So excited!

I can’t believe the stuff I’m seeing in such an unexpected place- am I late to the party here? Affordable and so very stylish. And available online? News to me!

Hello H&M Home!







All these colors, textures and patterns- wow! And the prices are incredible as well! Here are a few of my favorites that might need a spot in my house somewhere. 


Storage Basket: $17.95


Cotton Throw: $34.95


Storage Basket: $12.95


Tea Towel: $9.95

hmprod-14Ceramic Mug: $5.95

(All of these ceramic pieces are dishwasher safe. Is this real life?)


Small Copper Bowl: $6.95


Jute Rug: $24.95


Cotton Striped Pillow Covers: On Sale for $3.95!

I seriously can’t believe it. All of this is right on point for my taste, the colors I love right now, and the I love finding great sources to create pretty spaces. Many pieces remind me of much more expensive things I’ve seen from big name retailers that cost twice or three times as much. So happy to have found out about this! Does anything catch your eye?

Have a great start to your week!

*All images via H&M, click photos starting with the striped basket for links to the items on H&M’s website!

Found: Kate Zaremba Company

Oh my goodness.  Did you guys see my little sneak peek shot on Instagram of this fabric I’ll be using in Rhett’s room?il_570xN.500393558_jspv

Kate’s company is one of my favorites I have ever found.  I know I get very hyped up about my finds, but just look these patterns:

il_570xN.487532462_4yzi il_570xN.500424364_ejbt il_570xN.469170916_gy8u il_570xN.504986900_iuuv il_570xN.491432095_axwj il_570xN.503252398_ioyx il_570xN.495675083_b46p il_570xN.469941800_c7nn


Kate makes beautiful tea towels, removable wallpaper (what!? yes.), custom art prints, pillow covers, gift wrap, and an assortment of other wonderful goodies. Hop over and look around, I know you will love it!

Have a Happy Tuesday everyone!

Found: Tastes Orangey

I am so in love with Clare Elsaesser’s style and the feel of her work. I had to snatch up a little print immediately after seeing a large painting in the home of one of my favorite designers in a shot on Instagram. (Erika Powell, I DIE over that huge canvas… and that huge navy gingham…) Alas, I ordered a 5×7 to tuck into a little area next to the back door in the eat-in kitchen area entitled “Watching Trees.” The colors are so perfect.il_570xN.425165829_pwey

There is something really intriguing about the posturing she chooses for the women in her paintings. And the fact that almost any woman could take a look at several of these and probably see something of herself. Perhaps it is a longing we sometimes suppress, or how we would like to imagine ourselves as others might see us. It is reflective, fluid, relaxed, tension-free somehow. What it is, is a beautiful thing.il_570xN.282030865 il_570xN.355318581_2gle il_570xN.449151521_pmed il_570xN.286798006 il_570xN.425844806_47p4See more of her work HERE, at my favorite place: Etsy.

I have several framing projects to take to my man, Barry at Hobby Lobby. One of which is this sweet print. Hang tight for pics to come soon… I know I keep teasing you guys… sorry! Right now I’m in a fight with my iPhone and my photo stream, and the amount of memory I have left on my phone (none), and how many pics I really could/should delete. Then suddenly I am in a fight with myself for not using my real camera and doing this thing right. One day… maybe.

Today is a special day. My sweet love turns thirty. I am so proud to be your wife, to stand beside you in this life. What an incredible blessing you are to me and to our tiny girl. Celebrating your birth is serious- where would I be without you? I am so glad we finally went on that first date we talked about “definitely” doing for years. I love you with all my heart. And I hope our boy looks just like you. FH000040

Photo credit: My fun MIL, Beth Saggio!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Found: Creative Park Zhen

My “found” series might be my favorite. Small shops and sellers are now so accessible and have a better chance of exposure now more than ever before. It is also great for shoppers like me who don’t always (albeit sometimes, yes) want a popular pattern or trendy go-to (see: chevron). Creative Park Zhen has such a fun, lighthearted vibe. They sell unique pillows that would be great for little ones’ rooms, or maybe just a quirky punch somewhere unexpected. And they are so affordable too! Oh what a weakness I have for pillows. It’s just the easiest way to change the look and feel of a room in a snap. So head on over and check out their little Etsy shop!  How great are these?

il_570xN.490312635_c5xril_570xN.480998155_3lfn il_570xN.482290056_8iiu il_570xN.490321073_a4tk il_570xN.480301765_ay88 il_570xN.480262246_aoao il_570xN.480286920_m0pr il_570xN.480312875_aiwh il_570xN.490368575_owgh

Something about these just really makes me happy. I am usually not one for variations of primary colors, but these are too perfect!

On the project front: all the material for Rhett’s room is now in my possession, so tonight is the night I pull out le old sewing machine and get busy. I made a snap decision on the accent fabric for his room and man, what a great thing that turned out to be. I can’t wait to show you!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Outdoor Space in a Snap

One of my favorite things to do is to put together a quick look for a space on a dime. I genuinely love the hunt, the bartering and of course seeing it all come together. After doing this so long for myself and others, it has become easier to spot a steal when someone doesn’t know what they have, to see the good bones of a piece and to determine if it is good quality, usually by the pictures or asking questions about the manufacturer or history of the piece. Sellers often just want to get rid of something. It can be hit or miss, true, but those hits are always so worth it.

We have been working nonstop around here getting projects knocked out that we’ve been sitting on for a while. One of those is rebuilding one of the columns on the front porch (more details to come on that!), and giving everything a nice, fresh coat of paint. In doing so, you know I’m thinking of restyling the front porch, so I thought it would be fun to pull together some listings this morning of some furniture and accessories- all from Craigslist. This search is happening in real time as of 5:30 am. You can do this too! Click the pics to link to the listing.

I am into island-inspired pieces right now (possibly because I’m channeling my inner need for a tropical vacation…) So, here we go.

A couple of new chairs would be a great starting point!


How about a little table for your nightcap or coffee? Or ice cream… A new, glossy black paint job and this table will move from whoa to wow just like that.


Probably need a couple of outdoor pillows.


And some greenery. New planter? Love the greek key detail on this one! How about an outdoor rug too?




Fun little experiment there, folks! If you’re willing to take the time, and have a little patience, you can literally find anything you want from someone close by looking to sell just what you’ve been looking for. See what you can find!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Found: Though Very Humble

When I stumbled upon this little shop, I was reminded once again about why I love Etsy so much. If Etsy feels overwhelming to you, please give it another try! I have found so many great sellers with truly unique style who make it easy to add a punch of personality to your walls at a great price. I’m always up for an interesting print or painting and Though Very Humble has some of the coolest, personalized artwork I’ve seen and at great prices to boot. Take a look at some of Linda’s pieces!

Precious for a little girl’s room


Or a little boy’s room!


I love this casual and modern family print!


Great for an engagement gift.


Or a wedding gift,


Or for a single gal in her favorite outfit!


And my favorites… arrows!



What’s great about Linda’s portrait pieces is that they are custom made in your own likeness, based on a photo you provide. I love these for housewarming gifts too! That last shot there with the arrows just might be the one I purchase first. I like the idea of using all four of our initials, I’m just thinking through the pattern and who would go where.

Visit her shop here!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Nursery Campaign

I’ve had a bit of a change of heart on Rhett’s nursery design. Let me start from the beginning. I’ve been eyeing campaign dressers for a while now, which if you remember, inspired me to save the little white cabinet.



This one is $525.




Little nightstand is $325.




And this tall guy is $625.

My mad thrifting and digging skills were honed and passed down from my Mama, Terri. She spotted this cube in a little shop in Bowling Green, Kentucky called Consignment Corner.  Easy $32. Sold.


Then I sent her a text back. “What is that cube sitting on?”

Then I got this:


And I sort of freaked out a little. How much? $130.

Come again?


I still thought about it for a while because I was trying to figure out the crib situation in Rhett’s room. This would call for something more modern that my original plan. So I believe I’ve fallen in love with this Babyletto crib:


But then I saw this Baby Mod crib last night:


And thusly, am all confused now. I love the idea of a navy crib so much! I sort of want to buy the Babyletto crib above and paint it navy.

But I’m down for a little more brainstorming considering this new dresser situation. I had to have it. Now for some research on cleaning and polishing brass.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!