House of Paint

I have been slowly but surely getting rid of the beige in our house and oh does it feel good! I will still give you a better before/after, but right now we’re working on it, which you’ll see.

In the great room we tackled the walls in sections based on where we could reach with an eight-foot ladder.

DSCN2431 DSCN2435DSCN2427 DSCN2428

Isn’t that just lovely. Talk about motivation. We are gearing up to bring in the scaffolding to finish the job. But not this weekend though, because it’s my birthday. It has been alleged that I will be thirty.

The upstairs common space is getting the same treatment. Even though it is patchy, I’m more for the painting-to-a-corner team than I am just-paint-strokes-as-far-as-I-can-reach.

DSCN2449 DSCN2442 DSCN2438 DSCN2446 DSCN2443

The paint color is Sandpiper by Martha Stewart and it is so bright and clean. I really love it.  I had it color matched and mixed in my favorite paint, Behr Premium Plus Ultra from Home Depot. It has the primer in it, and it is fantastic. Most of the painting we’ve done has been in one coat. There has been some touch up don’t get me wrong, but it is so nice not to have to do a full second coat, let alone a third. Despite looking minty up next to the beige, it truly is more oatmeal/creamy grey with a hint of green. These last two shots are the best representation of the color.

I also got started on Aurelia’s new room! I had three samples mixed. Top left is a color match to Benjamin Moore’s Organdy. Bottom left is Martha Stewart Orchid. And on the right is also Martha Stewart, Phlox. IMG_2758

Left side: way too pink, and way too purple. The winner is: Phlox!


I am so pleased with this pretty lavender and I can’t wait to see our babies’ rooms come together!

This was a great weekend for us! I sure do love my little family. See what I found after our nap on Saturday?


I also followed a great tutorial over at House of Earnest for creating a professional-looking arrangement from a fresh bunch from the supermarket and I love how they turned out!


Have a great Monday everyone! Thank you for being such great readers!

Severe Nesting, and The Great Rug Debate

Let’s talk about the things we have underway around here…

  1. Shorty got a paint job going- or three.  All main living space (die, beige), guest room-turned-big girl room, and new nursery. Progress is moving on the main space, the other two rooms are pending paint colors.
  2. Speaking of new rooms, they each have their own separate list, running a bit long perhaps, but totally doable before Rhett arrives. Paint, drapes, art, furniture, accessories. Cake. (no cake?)
  3. Deck demo. Total deck rebuild happening in our backyard right now. It is going to be seriously amazing. Stay tuned for a giant post on the project as it progresses.
  4. Island dreaming. Not the tropical kind. I am ready to completely trim out and repaint the island a contrasting color. Probably grey, maybe white. I know, I’m dangerous.
  5. Library Rug.  And here I am.

There are so many, many… many rugs out there. And I have changed my mind so much it makes me nervous to commit to a design. But there are a couple I’ve been eyeing for a while, and I think I found the one… maybe.

Has anyone heard of Rugs USA? Because I’m new to them, but they have these famous flash sales that last for days at 50% and 65% off + free shipping. I thought I’d check it out and now I’m like, whoa. 200RSXMP217B 176HRI04CHA200SPRE14A-1I thought I had a winner. Dying over these tassels. However, they’re out of the size I need. But, because Rugs USA gets it, if you provide your email, they will send you a notification when the size you need is available again! And their current 65% off sale is going on for 19 more hours, so don’t miss out! So, I was learning a lesson in patience. But then I found these at Layla Gracethumb-2.aspx thumb.aspx thumb-1.aspx

While they’re not on clearance, they’d still be a steal, especially that first one. So now I’m all confused again. Traditional or contemporary? My internal debate continues.

Come back around next week for some pics of what’s going on around here. Lots of fun stuff, and let me tell you, with each paint stroke that covers this beige, it’s like angels singing. I may be a bit dramatic. But it’s true.

Happy Thursday! Almost the weekend again!

A Little French Door

Sometimes a very subtle change in a room can make all the difference in the world. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, specifically at the stove, where there is a small 24″ door to the dining room. There it is to the left. DSCN2421


Upon my daily Craigslist check, I stumbled upon a listing for sold wood doors, one of which was 24″. The prices weren’t listed for the doors individually, so when I called, the seller told me they’d let this one go for $50. After a couple of weeks of trying to plan for pick up, I was starting to count this one as a loss.  But we finally were able to nail down a time, and I made it home with this guy.



Not only was it solid wood as they claimed (sometimes Craigslist sellers like to fib), it was a perfect fit.  So over the next week I got to work painting after Aurelia was asleep.





We had Behr Premium Ultra exterior paint from another project, so I just used that. I repainted all of the trim downstairs the first summer we lived here and we’ve always used Behr, so matching the white wasn’t an issue! I used a trim brush each pane, and a small roller for the rest. Paint, dry, flip: x6. Each side took three coats. When you are painting furniture or any piece like this, always do a light sanding in between each coat. That will make for a smooth, flawless finish. Once it was fully dry, I used a box trimmer to remove the plastic on the glass panes, did a final touch up, and used a razor blade for the final edging. Then the fun really began.

I love tools. A lot. And my Dad has every tool there is. Ones you don’t even think could even exist. So who knew there were these template kits you could buy to drill in hinges and door knobs. And PLUNGE routers to ensure the perfect depth!? Mind = blown.24b14159-e79d-4a16-95b2-d60fd4c71f09_300 737888122004 78828282-0a12-4ec5-a57b-c266c3be09b1_300


A cameo from the man himself. He does calculations so fast it is just laughable. We kept joking like, “oh I think we have to do this one again… it’s too perfect.” This actually did not take that long once we had the templates matched off to the correct shape and size. Then we finally got to hang it!

photo 1

photo 2

Not bad for a $50 Craigslist score.

Have a great Thursday everyone! Any big finds you’ve scored lately!?

A Convex Situation

Does anyone else have a mirror thing? I have a mirror thing. Much like my chair thing. I find mirrors everywhere that just kill me I love them so much. Very rarely do I walk away with these mirrors, but sometimes a little prize is too good to pass up. I have really been into the convex mirror trend lately because they add such an interesting dimension to a space. See here?

2cd0792026dd04f15f744e612a808567 ae0597872ce9d912cc8403fe6ac4e279 e1b03424ff75d2b2e9e066b63468019b 43331ced356b91c855a5ed34256a33a1


How about that striped wall by the way? What a beautiful collage!

So whilst out perusing at Home Goods this weekend, I happened upon a convex mirror for $24.99.  It took me about one minute to decide to bring it on home. But it was sort of white washed, so I knew I wanted to paint it. Since the mirror was round, and convex obviously, I stood in the kitchen for a while contemplating how I was going to tape or cover it so that I could paint it.

Then, light bulb!

Glad cling wrap- press and seal! Sorry for the blurry picture (per the usual). I was so excited about my plan I didn’t even take a true before pic.


I used my husband’s buck knife to carefully trim around the edge of the frame. This took a bit of patience, and maybe a box cutter would’ve been a bit easier, but like I said, I was excited. And the buck knife was the first knife I spotted.


Rustoleum’s Metallic paint in gold is still my all time favorite gold spray paint. It is hands down the best finish and the perfect shade of brushed gold.


Moment of truth…



It worked like a charm.

IMG_2574 IMG_2578 IMG_2580


Only a tiny bit of paint got on the mirror, which scratched off with the edge of my fingernail. Success! I’m still thinking about where it will hang, but I like it a lot where it is right now in the kitchen. Not bad for $25!

Have a great Tuesday!

Skirting the Sink

I am finished with my version of this gorgeous sink skirt!  I’ve been excited to share with you guys since some of you are thinking about doing this too.  So, remember that great tutorial?  


That’s where I started.  So to begin, here are a couple shots of our very-hard-to-photograph powder room.  I’m sure a wide-angle lens would be much better on this.  But onto the the before!



And a tiny project within a project- DIY chalkboard!  Old frame- plywood cut to size at your local hardware store- chalk paint!  I then took the pieces to Hobby Lobby and they secured the back for me for no charge since I had two or three other things to be framed.


So here we go with the sink skirt.  I literally followed Eddie Ross’s tutorial step by step.  Except of course nothing went according to plan.  Does it ever?

1. My “flour sack towels” came and they were not nearly as crisp and perfect as Eddie’s.  My towels came and they were sort a cross between cheese cloth and linen.  Instead of buying another big pack and seeing how it went, I just went with it and tried to make it work.

2. Unlike Eddie’s luck, these towels were too long for my sink height.  With some math, and messing around with the width of how they were folded, I needed 5 panels, 10″ in width and 2 small ones at 5″ for the back space near the wall- all at 31″ long.  I wanted the box pleats to be obvious, but not that chunky, so I only overlapped them about an inch.

3.  The wrinkles would NOT give.  I ironed these for hours and almost tossed the whole idea, but I thought it was at least worth a try.

4. I learned to love fabric glue.  It feeds the need for instant gratification. I used it to secure the ribbon on the hem, and around the top.

5. I’m a bit impatient, so I pinned the panels together at their box pleats, and then flipped the whole thing over and pinned the strip of velcro.  One seam sounded like a good idea, but it took some adjusting to make sure the box pleats didn’t fold up on themselves.

6. Is anyone still reading this?  I sucked this time at the “during” pictures.

7. If I had it to do over again, I would buy one cut of heavy-duty duck cloth or other some such fabric and create real-life box pleats.  These towels made things a little difficult.

HOWEVER!!!  I am really happy with the end result!  I may still take the steamer to this thing to work out those wrinkles.  I learned how I think I could do this better next time in case I decide to do this again someday!  So, after all that, here you go:











Have a great Thursday!  The week is almost over, yay!

To Stencil, or not to Stencil

Back in January I talked about the return of papering and that I was considering it for our powder room downstairs.  The truth is, I keep flip-flopping between being all googly-eyed over gorgeous paper, and sort of leaning toward a stencil.  There are some beautiful transformations out there.  I wonder if stenciling would truly be easier than papering for a perfectionist like me.  If I were to stencil a wall, I feel that the possibility of having to touch up every little smudge by hand is very great.  However, it’s appealing because of the fact I can choose literally any color in the rainbow and make it all my own.  And then promptly paint right over it when I change my mind again.  This happens often.  I love these closet tutorials! Click the pic to jump to the source!


Did someone say herringbone?


This feels so bohemian and cool to me.  Might not work for us, but the transformation is awesome to see!  And can I just replace all those janky white hangers in my closet for some wood ones? Seriously.

I just love the larger pattern below as inspiration for Aurelia’s closet!  (Which I intended to paint/update before she came.  Seeing that she is now a year old… yeah).


via belle maison

All the cool kids are doing Ikat these days:


via Oak Ridge Revival

Part of the reason I lean toward stenciling, is that it is so much less of a commitment than papering!  I mean, we all remember what happened in the 80s… death by floral.  And navy/maroon/hunter green ruffle-y pillows.  And plaid, (which I actually like again.  Hm). Sometimes I freeze up and cannot commit to making decisions about anything because I get so worried our home will look dated in a couple of years.  I try very hard to focus on design that is timeless and classic as the backdrop, and to add accessories and easily-changeable updates to pop and add to our aesthetic.  But… I’m still in love with this:


And since the powder room is so small, I’m thinking it might be fine to paper it.  See that?  I’m flip-flopping again.  But, my parents happen to be expert paperers, and I’ve stripped wallpaper with them before, ripping huge sheets cleanly and quickly off the walls.  So, I know first hand it doesn’t have to be miserable.  Today I stand undecided.  Has anyone tackled papering and stenciling?  Do you have a preference?

Have a happy Thursday!

DIY Artwork

I have some wonderful little art projects I’ve been cataloging and pinning lately. Might be a little ambitious, but I’m feeling bold. So I’m going to outline my thoughts here on The Salvaged so that I will hold myself to it!

The first is inspired by this:


And this:

66583b137c5f21d33e972faa611d0a93I’ve been looking for the source on these, but alas, I’m linking up to random blogs again…

Anyhow- I am a nose-in-book kind of girl and I could not love this more. The vintage feel of Penguin Books just rocks my world, but putting a personal spin on it just ups the ante. It’s just what I need for my library wall! I’m thinking of messing around with some shades of green for mine.  And speaking of green, can I just freak out over this for a moment?


Yeah.  Kishani Perera, you might be my muse.  Ok moving on, but seriously.

The next project I’m considering is a truly abstract painting, inspired by this:

Black_White Painting
The scale of this is just amazing- and I love the simple frame! The rest of this room starts feeling a little 80s the more I stare at it?  Below is a great tutorial also inspired by this shot!  Click the picture to jump to the how-to from Dans le Townhouse.  I’m thinking I might do a grey version.  Or maybe navy.  And I may build a frame out for it.


The last is a little marquis letter like this, from Sideshow Sign Co.:

c0637f820b9cad0f13d84a751e1ec18eDIY is the way to go for me, because that one up there is $610. Hmft. Pretty sure I can make this y’all!

Here’s a tutorial that looks great! Click the pic to jump to Kara Paslay Designs:


I love coming up with a fun, personalized spin on things that have inspired me. For me, it’s not about totally copying these, but using them as a starting point!  There is so much inspiration around, so I can’t wait to give these a try!

Happy Thursday!