Found: Though Very Humble

When I stumbled upon this little shop, I was reminded once again about why I love Etsy so much. If Etsy feels overwhelming to you, please give it another try! I have found so many great sellers with truly unique style who make it easy to add a punch of personality to your walls at a great price. I’m always up for an interesting print or painting and Though Very Humble has some of the coolest, personalized artwork I’ve seen and at great prices to boot. Take a look at some of Linda’s pieces!

Precious for a little girl’s room


Or a little boy’s room!


I love this casual and modern family print!


Great for an engagement gift.


Or a wedding gift,


Or for a single gal in her favorite outfit!


And my favorites… arrows!



What’s great about Linda’s portrait pieces is that they are custom made in your own likeness, based on a photo you provide. I love these for housewarming gifts too! That last shot there with the arrows just might be the one I purchase first. I like the idea of using all four of our initials, I’m just thinking through the pattern and who would go where.

Visit her shop here!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

DIY Artwork

I have some wonderful little art projects I’ve been cataloging and pinning lately. Might be a little ambitious, but I’m feeling bold. So I’m going to outline my thoughts here on The Salvaged so that I will hold myself to it!

The first is inspired by this:


And this:

66583b137c5f21d33e972faa611d0a93I’ve been looking for the source on these, but alas, I’m linking up to random blogs again…

Anyhow- I am a nose-in-book kind of girl and I could not love this more. The vintage feel of Penguin Books just rocks my world, but putting a personal spin on it just ups the ante. It’s just what I need for my library wall! I’m thinking of messing around with some shades of green for mine.  And speaking of green, can I just freak out over this for a moment?


Yeah.  Kishani Perera, you might be my muse.  Ok moving on, but seriously.

The next project I’m considering is a truly abstract painting, inspired by this:

Black_White Painting
The scale of this is just amazing- and I love the simple frame! The rest of this room starts feeling a little 80s the more I stare at it?  Below is a great tutorial also inspired by this shot!  Click the picture to jump to the how-to from Dans le Townhouse.  I’m thinking I might do a grey version.  Or maybe navy.  And I may build a frame out for it.


The last is a little marquis letter like this, from Sideshow Sign Co.:

c0637f820b9cad0f13d84a751e1ec18eDIY is the way to go for me, because that one up there is $610. Hmft. Pretty sure I can make this y’all!

Here’s a tutorial that looks great! Click the pic to jump to Kara Paslay Designs:


I love coming up with a fun, personalized spin on things that have inspired me. For me, it’s not about totally copying these, but using them as a starting point!  There is so much inspiration around, so I can’t wait to give these a try!

Happy Thursday!