Home Tour: Aurelia’s Room

Hello Friday! Welcome to my first tour of our new home: Aurelia’s room! I wanted to start here because it’s probably one of the “most done” rooms so far in the house. And it was the easiest to tidy up for a few pictures. My photography is lacking, sorry. But I’m still really excited to see these before and afters. It’s crazy how much we’ve changed already.

The roller coaster ride of 2014 came to the top on the last weekend in August. We closed August 29th on the sale of our first home. It was a strange thing, to say goodbye to the first home we ever lived in together, but we were at peace about it as well. The next day, we packed the Pathfinder to the hilt and set out, just the two of us, toward our new city. The little ones stayed behind in TN for one week, while we furiously worked all hours of the day and night to get it ready for movers, and to bring our babies to their new house! I can’t wait to share pictures of that week, the demo, our sleeping conditions, it was some of the very best memories, and most fun we’ve ever had together. It was crazy and we hit some huge hiccups and near-misses to get everything “done enough” but it did finally come together.

Within minutes of turning the key in the door the day we closed, Joseph was shirtless and pulling all the carpet out of the house. The previous owner, bless her heart, drove by one last time right after the closing and was shocked, and probably a little sad, to see him already dragging carpet outside before the ink was even dry on the paperwork. But that’s how we do! He started here, in the room that would be Aurelia’s.


And here it is today!



I debated for weeks what to do about the arched window, and in the end, it made the most sense for us to cover it up. We have a street light on the corner of our property that blazes into this window and it was just too bright at night. And coincidentally, Aurelia stayed in her room and started sleeping through the night again shortly after I covered it.


I’m still obsessed with the her $65 Craiglist dresser, and the painting that inspired most of her first nursery (more from the artist, here!). This makes me a little nostalgic to see…


But, back to her big girl room! Her headboard was a trade-in for one of my first DIY projects, cane chairs in our first dining room. It was natural wood, but I taped off the brass corners and sprayed it with Valspar, Paint + Primer in this pretty mint color. It’s a great shade, probably my favorite right now!



Her quilt is an heirloom from my Mama’s sister, Tammy. She gave it to me as a housewarming gift when we bought our first home. It’s such a treasure, and it makes me deliriously happy every time I get Aurelia all snuggled in for bed beneath it.


I lightly sanded the headboard, but not much. This paint has great coverage! Since I chose a glossy finish, I did four or five coats to even the finish. It took about three days, but was totally worth it.

Her room is missing the banana leaf pattern in a major way. I plan to make a bolster to add to her bed. Isn’t it pretty mixed in?


In 2010 we were married, and my sweet man planned a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon to Italy. I bought a vintage-inspired calendar that year of Italian scenes, and I’ve kept it all these years. When trying to decide what artwork to use in her room, I came across this image on Pinterest (sourced here). And you could say it was a lightbulb moment for me. I get really excited about this stuff, ok, don’t judge me!


The four prints I pulled from the calendar are places we visited on that trip, which was pure magic and romance, when it was just the two of us. It’s so special to me, and I hope one day she’ll grow to love them too!


While bifold doors are not my favorite, they actually don’t bother me that much now. They save space actually, and I’m ok with them! I did dress them up throughout the house with new pulls, and these work perfectly in here! Not to mention I found them at Hobby Lobby on sale for $1.99 each.

IMG_3355 IMG_3353

And speaking of Hobby Lobby, I’m not overly into the framed words thing, but this was precious, and perfect for Aurelia.


I am really happy with how it’s turning out. And one more side-by-side, because those are fun.









So there it is!

I always look forward to the weekends so much, even though I’m at home now. I love seeing the kids play and spend time with Joseph. They are so insane over him, and I know they get tired of Mom all day every day 😉 We also do family date night these days. We have found a great babysitter now, so we’ll have more one-on-one dates as time goes on, but on Fridays we usually run out for a fun dinner somewhere, all of us together. Time is short on how long we’ll be able to do this- because I don’t know how we’ll ever go out in public with three children under four years old. But more on that later… Have a great weekend!

Sources below. As much as I can remember at least!

Gold Polka Dot and Striped Bedding: Pottery Barn Teen

Coral sheets and white frames with mats: Target

Tie-top drapes: Pottery Barn (“Cameron”)

Roman Shades: Levolor via Lowe’s

Leopard pillows: Southern Shades’ shop via Etsy

Kids’ table, chalkboard easel, and cube shelving: Ikea via Modernash

Kids’ ghost chairs: Craigslist

White kitchen: KidCraft via Amazon

Striped Rug: RugsUSA

Banana leaf fabric: Tommy Bahama via House Fabric (on sale now!)

Hula Lamp: CB2

Blue and White Vase: Hobby Lobby


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