Is Anyone There?

Hello? Hi.

It’s been quite long enough since I’ve posted, and there is so much ground to cover, and so much to catch up on, I’m not even sure where to begin. Since our move I’ve been adjusting to staying home with two busy toddlers. It’s sort of surreal to spend my days watching them laugh and grow, being able to witness it all for myself. In these little moments I think, I’ll remember this forever, and I couldn’t be more thankful to be doing this for a season in my life. There are scores of posts on Mommyhood, encouragement, camaraderie, relishing each second, and so on. This is quite an odd time in history to be staying home, and I waiver between a tiny bit of panic that I’m not nourishing a career, and complete and total gratitude my uniform is now makeup-less and raggedy, most days. It’s an odd time because feminism is being redefined, and has honestly become almost polarizing, pitting woman against woman with little respect for her position to actually choose her own path. It is a strange world now, with social media pressing and pushing and molding our view of societal parameters, our view of ourselves, and of reality. Looking now at the back of two bustling and noisy little heads, I realize these are short and fleeting moments in an altogether short life, and truly I have fallen into a completely comfortable place in my new role in my family. I cannot wrap my mind around these little lives entrusted to me to protect and nurture, and the more I learn about other mothers, the more I realize what a rare and special example I had while growing up. I can only hope and pray to honor her by loving my children and rearing them in her example.

So, how is Charleston? It’s a dream. We are in that weird limbo phase of making friends and plugging in to the community, but we still drive around the Holy City, visit local beaches, and it’s like, we live here! Some really don’t believe that we aren’t struggling or homesick, or that I’m not crying into my coffee every morning, or lonely, but in short, we haven’t looked back since we left TN. This is how I know we were ready for the next chapter in our lives. We are expecting our third little one in June, and I’m sure I’m in for it then, but Joseph and I just teamed up and took this on, and we’ve done it. We are closer already and I look forward to what the next few years will bring our marriage and our and bond as a family of five. The challenges are real, and anticipated, but our strength and resilience has shown through. We have room to breathe and space to grow and become whomever we want to be. It’s not lost on me what a blessing, what an opportunity this is for us. It’s an adventure, and I really believe there is something very true and real about what a person decides to believe about themselves. Strength of spirit, of mind and will: it makes all the difference. Being covered in prayer and surrounded by support has made it even easier for us. Things have gotten heavy at times, there have been challenges, and I know there will be more ahead, but we are seeking God’s providence in our lives in a way we haven’t before, and I cannot tell you the relief and peace I feel to have that sort of power behind us.

So anyone who follows me on Instagram or Facebook has seen snippets of our progress in our sweet cottage-y house. Hang with me here and I’ll be ramping back up at The Salvaged with home tour Fridays, beautiful images, favorite shops and inspiration for those of you who want to share a little corner of the web alongside me. True to the classic, “Wednesday Musings” of the past, I thought it appropriate to start again here and see where it goes. I am making plans, and have lots of people behind me, pushing me to tap into my creativity and actually do something with it. And I am making plans! Boring as this rambling post may be, I’m keeping at it. See you soon!


3 thoughts on “Is Anyone There?

  1. Yay!!! I am so happy you’re back, friend! I am so excited to see how your growing family, your cottage, and your creative space grows in 2015!

  2. Love this! You said it perfectly. Can’t wait to hear more about your new adventures 🙂 And it just makes me want to visit Charleston again!

  3. Love your post and love you! As always, you bring a fresh approach to all you do. So love the way you honor your dear mama in words!


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