Obsessed with Buffalo Check

I would like to thank my friend LG for giving me something else to obsess over. Despite this pattern’s tendency to lean way too country, I now believe it can be elevated to a seriously gorgeous level of amazing. Whether bold or neutral, I’m telling you, this is going to happen in my house! 5921197425728b791077c43358ecd168 ac186812927d530df3819309f1aee56f e9ac7e5b8269bf74d43cef7b1f186e24 1d3c84696421a0cfbbed5a9c3f0811b1 d809f1942d42491e545e08ec9e58f119 e0a2a5e78a35f2259ec5fd96f2873c62

images via Pinterest

I think a bit of this in my kitchen is where it’s at. Possibly on the windows…

Calico Corners is a great site with the prettiest colors I’ve seen, and some of the most affordable pricing/sqft around $23!000251909 000251900 000251899 000251905

Pretty excited to figure out how to blend this into our decor here.

Have a great Friday and enjoy the beautiful weekend!

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