Found: Tastes Orangey

I am so in love with Clare Elsaesser’s style and the feel of her work. I had to snatch up a little print immediately after seeing a large painting in the home of one of my favorite designers in a shot on Instagram. (Erika Powell, I DIE over that huge canvas… and that huge navy gingham…) Alas, I ordered a 5×7 to tuck into a little area next to the back door in the eat-in kitchen area entitled “Watching Trees.” The colors are so perfect.il_570xN.425165829_pwey

There is something really intriguing about the posturing she chooses for the women in her paintings. And the fact that almost any woman could take a look at several of these and probably see something of herself. Perhaps it is a longing we sometimes suppress, or how we would like to imagine ourselves as others might see us. It is reflective, fluid, relaxed, tension-free somehow. What it is, is a beautiful thing.il_570xN.282030865 il_570xN.355318581_2gle il_570xN.449151521_pmed il_570xN.286798006 il_570xN.425844806_47p4See more of her work HERE, at my favorite place: Etsy.

I have several framing projects to take to my man, Barry at Hobby Lobby. One of which is this sweet print. Hang tight for pics to come soon… I know I keep teasing you guys… sorry! Right now I’m in a fight with my iPhone and my photo stream, and the amount of memory I have left on my phone (none), and how many pics I really could/should delete. Then suddenly I am in a fight with myself for not using my real camera and doing this thing right. One day… maybe.

Today is a special day. My sweet love turns thirty. I am so proud to be your wife, to stand beside you in this life. What an incredible blessing you are to me and to our tiny girl. Celebrating your birth is serious- where would I be without you? I am so glad we finally went on that first date we talked about “definitely” doing for years. I love you with all my heart. And I hope our boy looks just like you. FH000040

Photo credit: My fun MIL, Beth Saggio!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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