Do Work

This summer has been filled with one project after another and it seems as if they just keep rolling into one another and multiplying. I love this part of our life actually, because I really do enjoy seeing our home evolve and change into something our very own. The transformation of the kitchen, the dining room, and the library have probably been my favorites so far, but… I still have the babies’ rooms to reveal very soon! But today I want to share what we’ve been doing around here since I keep talking about it!

1. Column Rebuild a la GDR Style

I cannot tell you how many times big G has come through for me in my life, and I won’t try because those are fun stories to share for Growing Up Renfro… but most recently we’ve had a complete rebuild of a rotted column on our front porch.

image_2 image_1 imageimage_4image_6

Our little project manager!

photo 1photo 2

The precision involved in this project was insane. It is fully completed, the entire porch has been repainted and it looks incredible. The column to the left was our rebuild. It is an exact copy of the original design. Dad wouldn’t have it any other way! I won’t ever be able to say thank you enough to my parents for how hard they work for their family. This column job was completed last Friday after a nine hour workday in 90 degree heat. Terri and Gary are just machines. No one works harder than they do!

2. We are actually seeing progress on the new deck outside:photo-11

3. Raccoon Fur on the bookshelves!photo-9

4. We painted Rhett’s closet. Here are the before shots:photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

(after shots coming once we get the shelving back in place!)

5. Joseph’s project is coming together! photo-10

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will have the big reveal for the “man cove” and significant process in Rhett’s room! I have mucho sewing to do… still.

Happy Friday everyone! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


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