White Island

I’m having a thought. Well, I’ve been having this thought for a long time, so I thought I would see what the general feelings are our there about this. I think my kitchen could use a bit of lightening up. And I think a white island would do just that! I’ve found a few shots for inspiration and I am loving it! I need another paint job like a hole in my head, but I think this would be an easy project… don’t tell my husband… 27d934677c7165550d6f7fccdbf08869 bc8cd7790f2ddd353217df28cb7a9516 02c47aad4e40071cdd9496653020d79c 77e2f37a8fb5cfc9727de3564a8a7370

I believe the cabinets here in the last shot are just like the ones in my kitchen. I have always loved the look of mix-matched cabinets. What do we think? Yes!? Or, not so much…?

Lots of work went on around our house this Labor Day. It was an awesome, much needed weekend. Happy baby girl, great times with family. It really was wonderful! Did anyone notice my little sneak peek of Rhett’s room this weekend? If not, you should be following me on Instagram! Look me up!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

*images via Pinterest search

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