Found: Creative Park Zhen

My “found” series might be my favorite. Small shops and sellers are now so accessible and have a better chance of exposure now more than ever before. It is also great for shoppers like me who don’t always (albeit sometimes, yes) want a popular pattern or trendy go-to (see: chevron). Creative Park Zhen has such a fun, lighthearted vibe. They sell unique pillows that would be great for little ones’ rooms, or maybe just a quirky punch somewhere unexpected. And they are so affordable too! Oh what a weakness I have for pillows. It’s just the easiest way to change the look and feel of a room in a snap. So head on over and check out their little Etsy shop!  How great are these?

il_570xN.490312635_c5xril_570xN.480998155_3lfn il_570xN.482290056_8iiu il_570xN.490321073_a4tk il_570xN.480301765_ay88 il_570xN.480262246_aoao il_570xN.480286920_m0pr il_570xN.480312875_aiwh il_570xN.490368575_owgh

Something about these just really makes me happy. I am usually not one for variations of primary colors, but these are too perfect!

On the project front: all the material for Rhett’s room is now in my possession, so tonight is the night I pull out le old sewing machine and get busy. I made a snap decision on the accent fabric for his room and man, what a great thing that turned out to be. I can’t wait to show you!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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