Palm Beach Love

Palm Beach Love

My Swaying Palms fabric has finally arrived! Aurelia’s new room is going to be so chic, maybe a little swanky for a tiny girl, but I love that. In my mind it makes the most sense to create spaces which will grow and adapt so that they can be repurposed. The color scheme is different, but will easily grow with her into a little girl’s room too. The pink seersucker fabric is going to serve as a new crib skirt as long as she stays in her crib. I have plenty to make throw pillows when she does transition to a big girl bed one day. The green looks so amazing up next to the lavender walls. We still have a lot of decorating to do in there, and I’m looking at the calendar like uhhhh…. Here’s the short list of Mama projects…

Aurelia’s drapes and new crib skirt
Rhett’s drapes, crib skirt and lumbar pillow cover
And the ever-elusive kitchen drapes

Trim in both babies’ rooms
Rhett’s walls and bookshelves
The rest of the BEIGE

I have so much to catch you guys up on- hang in there with me- I’m on the last sprint to knock this stuff out!

Happy Thursday!


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