Look at this little hard worker. Aurelia is following right along in Mommy’s footsteps by getting into the tools and learning early what a work day means. She spent most of the day throwing mulch everywhere, but was fascinated with “making it level!” “paint-painting her board” and “picking up pieces” of wood to give her Papaw (which sometimes sounds like Paw-paw, so we aren’t sure which one she’ll pick yet).
It’s so important to me for her to learn that we work alongside one another as a family. We spent Saturday and all the way into the night Sunday working hard making our house a home. I’ve talked about hard work before, but it’s more than that. It’s connecting and having an experience together with results you can actually see. I’m amazed at my daughter’s ability to understand what we’re doing, and mimicking it exactly… I should probably remember that in other situations…. But it’s true: she is a sponge. She is so proud to be a part of what we’re doing as a family. We let her help, and encourage her to do everything we do, albeit maybe without actual paint on her new paintbrush. She brings it to me for “more paint!” And I am so proud of her. Projects are harder now, and they take longer, but she is already such a great helper.

My first born. If nothing else, remember you are capable. You have strength. You have a sharp mind, and you will go far. As long as I’m living I will tell you this: you can do this. We will always show up to help you. We will always be doers and workers, and I hope somehow pictures like these will help me remember what true happiness looks like. You’ve taught me a lifetime’s worth of lessons already with your determination. I pray God sees fit to let me live out this life so that I can watch you grow and succeed. I will always be there. In every crowd, in every project, with every new skill and adventure, when you look for me with pride in your eyes for what you’ve achieved, I will be there.


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