Outdoor Space in a Snap

One of my favorite things to do is to put together a quick look for a space on a dime. I genuinely love the hunt, the bartering and of course seeing it all come together. After doing this so long for myself and others, it has become easier to spot a steal when someone doesn’t know what they have, to see the good bones of a piece and to determine if it is good quality, usually by the pictures or asking questions about the manufacturer or history of the piece. Sellers often just want to get rid of something. It can be hit or miss, true, but those hits are always so worth it.

We have been working nonstop around here getting projects knocked out that we’ve been sitting on for a while. One of those is rebuilding one of the columns on the front porch (more details to come on that!), and giving everything a nice, fresh coat of paint. In doing so, you know I’m thinking of restyling the front porch, so I thought it would be fun to pull together some listings this morning of some furniture and accessories- all from Craigslist. This search is happening in real time as of 5:30 am. You can do this too! Click the pics to link to the listing.

I am into island-inspired pieces right now (possibly because I’m channeling my inner need for a tropical vacation…) So, here we go.

A couple of new chairs would be a great starting point!


How about a little table for your nightcap or coffee? Or ice cream… A new, glossy black paint job and this table will move from whoa to wow just like that.


Probably need a couple of outdoor pillows.


And some greenery. New planter? Love the greek key detail on this one! How about an outdoor rug too?




Fun little experiment there, folks! If you’re willing to take the time, and have a little patience, you can literally find anything you want from someone close by looking to sell just what you’ve been looking for. See what you can find!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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