Cole and Son Wallpaper

Cole and Son Wallpaper

I was so excited when my wallpaper sample from Cole and Son arrived in the mail! This is going to make a perfect accent wall in Rhett’s nursery. I wanted to be sure the white wasn’t too stark and it’s just perfect!

Like Aurelia’s room, I’ve been looking for ways to save vs. where to splurge. Since the furniture is now complete with his dresser and crib purchase, and since we saved hundreds by finding great deals, I’m fine with going all out for the paper. I’ve been reading tutorials this morning and boy are the wallpapering memories with the Renfros flooding back! I remember specifically the key to papering is going slow, slow, slow and taking your time, not stretching the paper horizontally, and perhaps most importantly: SIZING the walls first. Doing only the one wall means we’ll hang about 8 sheets. Definitely DIYable.

I’m still pouring over tons of fabric options for the crib skirt, drapes, and accents. This sample pictured to the left is a boys’ duvet cover from Restoration Hardware in moss. Sometimes it’s more affordable to buy a duvet and deconstruct it than it would be to purchase the yardage you’d need in a similar fabric. This was my design for Aurelia’s nursery as well! Double-sided duvets provide a lot of yardage!

I’ll share a better idea board of sorts when I finally make some decisions on color scheme!

We painted over more beige this past weekend and it was glorious! Only the highest points in the great room and the staircase remain! Cannot wait to sing “ding dong the beige is dead!” at the top of my lungs.

Have a great Tuesday! Wednesday Musings are back tomorrow with my thoughts on some controversy that’s got me all fired up. Figured I’d share.

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