Aztec and Arrows

I have to admit that I’m really loving this arrow trend right now! In that same vein, I’ve been noticing more of an aztec vibe both in fashion and home accents as well, and the little arrow is just my favorite part of that. Here are a few of my favorite things!


$10 via 1point61


$16 Iphone case via Scribbles and Stripes


$16 Inifinity Arrow Scarf via Megan’s Menagerie


$50 Arrow pillow cover via Classic By Nature


$36 Aztec Sweater via Casey Longyear


$25 Aztec Messenger Bag via Target


$14 Arrow earrings via In the Lavender Haze

Happy Monday everyone! It’s my first full week back from being on vacation, so I’m mentally preparing myself for a five-day work week.  Come on Friday…


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