Nursery Campaign

I’ve had a bit of a change of heart on Rhett’s nursery design. Let me start from the beginning. I’ve been eyeing campaign dressers for a while now, which if you remember, inspired me to save the little white cabinet.



This one is $525.




Little nightstand is $325.




And this tall guy is $625.

My mad thrifting and digging skills were honed and passed down from my Mama, Terri. She spotted this cube in a little shop in Bowling Green, Kentucky called Consignment Corner.  Easy $32. Sold.


Then I sent her a text back. “What is that cube sitting on?”

Then I got this:


And I sort of freaked out a little. How much? $130.

Come again?


I still thought about it for a while because I was trying to figure out the crib situation in Rhett’s room. This would call for something more modern that my original plan. So I believe I’ve fallen in love with this Babyletto crib:


But then I saw this Baby Mod crib last night:


And thusly, am all confused now. I love the idea of a navy crib so much! I sort of want to buy the Babyletto crib above and paint it navy.

But I’m down for a little more brainstorming considering this new dresser situation. I had to have it. Now for some research on cleaning and polishing brass.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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