A Peacock Sighting

I have recently discovered this elusive Peacock Chair situation. What is a peacock chair, you ask? My first sighting was here, in a West Elm catalog from the May issue:


See there to the left? So then I started doing a little digging and came across some beautiful images!

afde72092cf67eb8f0c5e6563f9fd7ea 967b4c4ef7f7a6442957a1f7c55a395d b6a5d98100dc38b92ea6341b3d069425

And there began my obsession.

So I started hunting.

I found this one on Etsy for $250:


Not quite there yet, and it was really the only one I found there.

So I dug around on Craigslist and I found this one listed for $100:


It’s in Franklin, Kentucky, (and is still for sale) but I threw an offer of $60 and said I’d come get it (no clue when or how) just to see. The seller wasn’t so crazy about that. Kinda’ sent me a snotty email. I mean, it’s sitting on your front porch, Kentucky. Just let me come take it off your hands. But I was sort of not sure about it sitting outside for so long. So I waited.

Then, I spotted this gal:


Oh hey there peacock chair!

And guess what?


Read that again.


Oh what’s that peaking out from the corner in our bedroom?

IMG_2753 IMG_2751

The seller gave me the whole rundown about the history of this chair, and according to the owner, it had been passed down generation to generation and left in storage since the 1880s.

Happy Lacey.

And a big shout out again to my pal Wade Kirkland for doing this run for me!

Have a great Thursday everyone!


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