Rhett’s Nursery Ideas

I’ve been saving images and pinning baby boy ideas for months! I’m excited to share my inspiration and what direction I think I’m going for Rhett’s nursery. We’ve decided to move Aurelia to the guest room and keep the smaller bedroom as the nursery. So here are some of my favorite things:



Woods Wallpaper from Anthropologie. I’d like to do an accent wall of birch trees behind his crib.


Sundvik Crib from Ikea! Only $119. My plan is to hack this crib so it looks a little something like this.



Another great print from Art.com! I am considering having this printed in a semi-large scale to hang over his crib.

A little bit of rustic!


What baby boy doesn’t need a set of antlers in his room?



I wouldn’t say there is a theme exactly, but it’s Woodland-inspired I suppose. I already have some great fabric I am going to frame in panels, and those little woodland friends prints on the way! There are six separate prints I’ll frame as a series over the current dresser-turned-changing-table. I turned up some great frames at Hobby Lobby that look very similar to these, except they were 1/2 off and $3 each instead of those other ones at $16.99 a pop!

As things start coming together, I’ll be sharing it all! But first things first: we have to start transitioning Aurelia to her new big girl room…

Have a great Tuesday!

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