Faux Bamboo

Over time, I have discovered how much I love mixing pieces of many different styles of furniture together. I think with the right mix, a room can feel textured and layered over time. A few years ago I came across a listing for these two chairs- $25 for both. Chairs I Chairs II

A little morning paint job and new off white linen seats, and viola! Chairs V

My love for faux bamboo pieces was officially, well official. This Hollywood Regency style varies price, and you can find an array of different pieces large and small. I rekindled my love for faux bamboo when I was on the hunt for a bar tray.


via Etsy


Also, via Etsy

But then I found this tray instead.

However, my infatuation with faux bamboo is alive and well! There are so many great pieces that are just waiting for a glossy coat of paint to give them new life. And priceless antiques for those of us looking for just the perfect piece.


via 1st Dibs

If I had an extra $4600 lying around I would snatch this up in a heartbeat and completely rethink Rhett’s nursery. How perfect is this for changing pad to snuggle right in there?


via Etsy

This headboard with shipping would be around $440 depending on your location, which is still such a great steal! I would love to see this in glossy navy or emerald green for a pop of color.


via Etsy

All this needs is new upholstery and a bright sunroom. I wish I had a place for this one oh so badly!

Anyone else thinking about adding a bit of faux bamboo into their decor scheme?

Have a happy Monday everyone! Come around later in the week for a sneak peek of our painting because… ding-dong the beige is dead… and it is glorious.


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