Severe Nesting, and The Great Rug Debate

Let’s talk about the things we have underway around here…

  1. Shorty got a paint job going- or three.  All main living space (die, beige), guest room-turned-big girl room, and new nursery. Progress is moving on the main space, the other two rooms are pending paint colors.
  2. Speaking of new rooms, they each have their own separate list, running a bit long perhaps, but totally doable before Rhett arrives. Paint, drapes, art, furniture, accessories. Cake. (no cake?)
  3. Deck demo. Total deck rebuild happening in our backyard right now. It is going to be seriously amazing. Stay tuned for a giant post on the project as it progresses.
  4. Island dreaming. Not the tropical kind. I am ready to completely trim out and repaint the island a contrasting color. Probably grey, maybe white. I know, I’m dangerous.
  5. Library Rug.  And here I am.

There are so many, many… many rugs out there. And I have changed my mind so much it makes me nervous to commit to a design. But there are a couple I’ve been eyeing for a while, and I think I found the one… maybe.

Has anyone heard of Rugs USA? Because I’m new to them, but they have these famous flash sales that last for days at 50% and 65% off + free shipping. I thought I’d check it out and now I’m like, whoa. 200RSXMP217B 176HRI04CHA200SPRE14A-1I thought I had a winner. Dying over these tassels. However, they’re out of the size I need. But, because Rugs USA gets it, if you provide your email, they will send you a notification when the size you need is available again! And their current 65% off sale is going on for 19 more hours, so don’t miss out! So, I was learning a lesson in patience. But then I found these at Layla Gracethumb-2.aspx thumb.aspx thumb-1.aspx

While they’re not on clearance, they’d still be a steal, especially that first one. So now I’m all confused again. Traditional or contemporary? My internal debate continues.

Come back around next week for some pics of what’s going on around here. Lots of fun stuff, and let me tell you, with each paint stroke that covers this beige, it’s like angels singing. I may be a bit dramatic. But it’s true.

Happy Thursday! Almost the weekend again!


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