Lincoln Desk

I hope everyone had a beautiful long weekend! I have been at it again. I feel like I may have a problem. My name is Lacey and I am addicted to Craigslist. But how could I not be when I come across treasures with this stamped in the drawer?


There isn’t a lot of information out there on these desks other than the fact that they were mostly made in the early 1900s in Chicago. Production was drastically affected by the war, like everything else of course, as wood was being used primarily for war efforts. I didn’t realize what I was looking at when I found the ad with these pics:

3Gb3Jf3He5N65L25Fed5f358e430bf88913b5 3Ic3Mf3H25Ge5E85Fed5f86cf8a3691911e25 3If3Lb3J65N65F95Mcd5f4645b105a7f61705

But I did know that a solid wood executive desk listed for $150 was probably coming to live at my house. I asked if he’d take $125. He just wanted us to come get it. So we did.


I had a tiny little helper when I started working on cleaning and touching up. She loves books like her Mama. And making messes. But I don’t mind, not even a little.

This desk has a lot of wear, but nothing a little furniture stain pen couldn’t remedy until I go for the big restoration at a later date. Which may mean never because I like the scratches and dings. Pretty sure we pay extra now for furniture that has been intentionally beaten up to look worn, no? I’m down for a piece that has had some real living.


This Early American stain was an exact match for the finish. So I got to work. The key with these pens is working it in with a paper towel. You can’t just color all over the scratches and leave it to dry.







Also something I have never been able to understand is why people would everput scotch tape on a piece of furniture:


And what is this, people?


I little careful work and some elbow grease using Goo Gone and it started to look like this:


Can you imagine how many bills have been written, homework problems worked through, discussions, family meetings, have been had at this desk? It is definitely well worn and loved.


I am in love with this piece for our library. It is truly a gorgeous color and looks perfect against the wall color.



You know what’s next, right? New office chair!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*first image via

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