Presenting the Henredon-osauras

Ok for real is anyone going to be as excited about this as I am? Oh man probably not. Remember my hunt for a triple dresser for our play room great room? Well guess what? This is what:



This dresser was included in a listing for a complete Henredon bedroom suit for $950, which can still be seen here. A few weeks ago I threw an offer out for just the dresser at $150 (no chance, right?). The seller was one of the best I’ve dealt with so far, because he told me he would give it a couple of weeks to see if there was interest in the set, and if not, he would let me know. I figured I would never hear from him again. Lucky for me that was not the case. 

Ole’ Chuck said he would take $175 and I said SOLD. Now the tricky part was getting it picked up. I hired my amazing friend Wade Kirkland to do the run to Murfreesboro to pick it up (and hey, check out his site for BeastMode Apparel for the coolest workout gear around). I knew this one wasn’t a deal to be wishy washy on pick up. Wade carefully manhandled this guy into our great room for the most part BY HIMSELF and I have sort of died several times over the past 12 hours about this piece. I mean seriously. It’s Henredon. It is the Henredon-osaurus because it is giant (as in 78″ long). And it is perfect. I don’t even know what a new one would cost because Sprintz doesn’t even post the prices. But I’d comfortably say it is a fraction of what it is worth. Oh and the mirrors! Those will probably be painted and hung in our future bathroom remodel, of which I am always dreaming.

photo-5 photo-6


I cannot wait to style my new find! I’m already scoping out a set of lamps. I’m thinking maybe a set of these from Target a la Nate Berkus:



I am off to start my Friday! I hope it zips by, because we have such a fun Memorial Day weekend planned! We are officially celebrating my brother home with a big Renfro cookout on Sunday! Happy weekend everyone. Thank you for being such lovely readers!

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