A Little French Door

Sometimes a very subtle change in a room can make all the difference in the world. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, specifically at the stove, where there is a small 24″ door to the dining room. There it is to the left. DSCN2421


Upon my daily Craigslist check, I stumbled upon a listing for sold wood doors, one of which was 24″. The prices weren’t listed for the doors individually, so when I called, the seller told me they’d let this one go for $50. After a couple of weeks of trying to plan for pick up, I was starting to count this one as a loss.  But we finally were able to nail down a time, and I made it home with this guy.



Not only was it solid wood as they claimed (sometimes Craigslist sellers like to fib), it was a perfect fit.  So over the next week I got to work painting after Aurelia was asleep.





We had Behr Premium Ultra exterior paint from another project, so I just used that. I repainted all of the trim downstairs the first summer we lived here and we’ve always used Behr, so matching the white wasn’t an issue! I used a trim brush each pane, and a small roller for the rest. Paint, dry, flip: x6. Each side took three coats. When you are painting furniture or any piece like this, always do a light sanding in between each coat. That will make for a smooth, flawless finish. Once it was fully dry, I used a box trimmer to remove the plastic on the glass panes, did a final touch up, and used a razor blade for the final edging. Then the fun really began.

I love tools. A lot. And my Dad has every tool there is. Ones you don’t even think could even exist. So who knew there were these template kits you could buy to drill in hinges and door knobs. And PLUNGE routers to ensure the perfect depth!? Mind = blown.24b14159-e79d-4a16-95b2-d60fd4c71f09_300 737888122004 78828282-0a12-4ec5-a57b-c266c3be09b1_300


A cameo from the man himself. He does calculations so fast it is just laughable. We kept joking like, “oh I think we have to do this one again… it’s too perfect.” This actually did not take that long once we had the templates matched off to the correct shape and size. Then we finally got to hang it!

photo 1

photo 2

Not bad for a $50 Craigslist score.

Have a great Thursday everyone! Any big finds you’ve scored lately!?

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