A Convex Situation

Does anyone else have a mirror thing? I have a mirror thing. Much like my chair thing. I find mirrors everywhere that just kill me I love them so much. Very rarely do I walk away with these mirrors, but sometimes a little prize is too good to pass up. I have really been into the convex mirror trend lately because they add such an interesting dimension to a space. See here?

2cd0792026dd04f15f744e612a808567 ae0597872ce9d912cc8403fe6ac4e279 e1b03424ff75d2b2e9e066b63468019b 43331ced356b91c855a5ed34256a33a1


How about that striped wall by the way? What a beautiful collage!

So whilst out perusing at Home Goods this weekend, I happened upon a convex mirror for $24.99.  It took me about one minute to decide to bring it on home. But it was sort of white washed, so I knew I wanted to paint it. Since the mirror was round, and convex obviously, I stood in the kitchen for a while contemplating how I was going to tape or cover it so that I could paint it.

Then, light bulb!

Glad cling wrap- press and seal! Sorry for the blurry picture (per the usual). I was so excited about my plan I didn’t even take a true before pic.


I used my husband’s buck knife to carefully trim around the edge of the frame. This took a bit of patience, and maybe a box cutter would’ve been a bit easier, but like I said, I was excited. And the buck knife was the first knife I spotted.


Rustoleum’s Metallic paint in gold is still my all time favorite gold spray paint. It is hands down the best finish and the perfect shade of brushed gold.


Moment of truth…



It worked like a charm.

IMG_2574 IMG_2578 IMG_2580


Only a tiny bit of paint got on the mirror, which scratched off with the edge of my fingernail. Success! I’m still thinking about where it will hang, but I like it a lot where it is right now in the kitchen. Not bad for $25!

Have a great Tuesday!


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