A Little Cabinet

There once was a little cabinet,

He was nearing the end of his days.

So old he was, beat up and worn,

But I thought he could be saved.


Off with the knobs and on with the paint,

A sharp little fellow now is he.

What a crisp shade of green, handsome and clean,

A salvaged one, he was destined to be!










I love this little guy now!  And this was my answer for this burning desire to incorporate that dark green!  This was a sample custom color match that was adjusted from a Ralph Lauren color, so I can’t give you the exact name (sorry).  This color was in the running for the walls, but I’m so glad I added this pop of green instead.  It really helps to pull the green out of my vintage botanical prints!

*Sidebar: if you have hung anything in a grid like the below, when you take them off the walls, number them, and pair them with the exact hanger on which each is hanging.  I didn’t do this, so learn from me.  I played musical pictures for about 45 minutes until I finally gave up and just measured and hammered new holes in the walls.  It was frustrating, but was pretty funny too.  But save yourself the time!



And it inadvertently gave me a little direction to add more green to my table, and possibly new cushions for my chairs.  My intention has always been to find some big arm chairs for the ends, so I’m part-time on the hunt for those, but not in a big hurry.  That wall under the botanicals really needs a medium-sized buffet/cabinet/chest and some cool lamps.  I’m part-time looking for that too.

I also pulled out my carpet samples from Myers, and think I picked one for the dining room!  Well, I like two, but I’m leaning toward this one… maybe.



My husband loves the little cabinet now too!  See.  We salvage things around here.

Happy Thursday everyone!  We are so ready for the beach.  And I can’t wait to do some of this with my big little brother!!



And some of this maybe.



And to see what this little diva thinks about the big waves!


3 thoughts on “A Little Cabinet

  1. I love this cabinet! The green and gold look great. Where did you find the handles? Love following your blog. Always so interested to see what you’ll do next!


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