Dining Room Reveal

For the past couple of weekends, all I have been doing is working on the dining room.  I keep walking by and I am genuinely surprised every time!  It’s been a half-finished dump zone for so long, and I am now sincerely in love with this space.

I debated for hours on painting it black, then possibly dark green.  But in the end this shade of grey, Flagstone by Martha Stewart, fits into the color scheme of our home perfectly.  To top it all off, I actually pulled my china out of storage.  And I intend to use it!







And I have a secret too.  You know that sheet set I mentioned before?  This one?



I pulled that flat queen sheet right out of there and did a little of this:


And then a little of this:


The best tip I have for drapes is these little little guys.  So then I added some of them:





Then they hang like this!


Guys, the size of a flat, queen sheet is perfect for a set of double windows.  I love the herringbone pattern (of course), but what I love even more is the relatively short amount of time it took to knock out this project.  Start to finish on the drapes, it took roughly three hours, which can be mostly attributed to a large amount of ironing/steaming to get them looking crisp.  Queen sheets are already hemmed all the way around, so adjusting one side with hem tape is all it took.

I love it!  So happy about my view from the kitchen!


Have a great Monday everyone!  I’m on the countdown until I get to see this guy’s face step off a plane from Afghanistan:



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