Dream Vacation: Belgium

My mind is just not even here.  I’ve been dreaming about Belgium for weeks.  Joseph and I are talking about ideas for our five year anniversary in 2015 and my vote is for a stop in Brussels.  I don’t know what it is, but it could be this:

12brussels-belgium BrusselsBelgium BRU_01 brussels-0389

images via google search

I came across this hotel and now I’m just dying to go.  In the city center of Brussels, Stanhope Hotel would be such a dream.  The decor is traditional, and oh so warm and inviting.  I just need a fireplace, a coffee, and a book.

24643_71_b 24643_68_b 24643_70_b 24643_82_b 24643_85_b 24643_89_b 24643_29_b 24643_55_b 24643_63_b 24643_64_b 24643_66_b

We love dreaming about places we want to see, and right now all I can think about is Belgium.  Everything about this place is just breathtaking!

2.horst 13345505181976058773countryside-hi koy

via another google search

Happy Monday everyone!  I am back in action this week after taking Friday off to love on this little sweet pea:


And do some of this:


A sneak peek, oh yes.  Come back later this week to see my new dining room!


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