A Little Birdie

I’m in the mood for a little prize.  Birds are everywhere and I have to say I love them.  Real life birds are ok, just as long as they don’t get too close to me.  Real birds kind of freak me out.  And at 4:30 in the morning they really make me mad chirping their heads off like there is something seriously important going on out there in the dark.  However, I really like these little birdie prizes!


One of these is definitely coming home for Aurelia’s future big girl room!


This is such a great color!  I might need to add this to my stash for my gallery wall in the library.  It’s going to happen.  Must close up that big cut out.



This pretty melon color is one of my favorites, and I’m due for a new scarf for spring!




Tiny and precious.  Love these little studs.




Every birdie needs a nest.  These are on sale for $.75 right now at World Market!




I’ve been looking for a pair of large bird prints to put over our nightstands in our master bedroom.  I love this Blue Heron!




How sweet are these cake toppers?




Oh wait.  That’s not a birdie.  But maybe one of those other little birdies will tell Mr. Saggio this is on Mama’s wish list for her 30th birthday….

I hope you guys have a great Thursday!  I am feeling great and looking forward to another beautiful spring day.


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