All Dressed Up

I’ve been on the hunt for a long time for a long, triple dresser.  I intend to use it as toy storage in the great room, either behind the couch like a large sofa table, or in front of our bay windows with a hefty pair of lamps.  I’ve come oh so close several times.  I found this one recently:



I got the seller to agree to $175, which is still a little high, which is why I wasn’t really that sad when they just stopped responding to my emails to plan a time for pick up.  Sometimes sellers do that, which is really frustrating.  However in this case, it’s alright.

Here’s another one:



This one is listed for $199 for both the dresser and the nightstand.  I could probably get it down, and it might be worth it if the color isn’t too yellow.  I’ve recently been attracted to warmer wood tones again.  It’s my opinion that warm wood tones like maple, and even oak, will be coming back around again soon.  It started with the washed out grey trend via Restoration Hardware, then again with the lighter farm house table stains, to show the natural wear, and grain, of the wood.

This one could be really amazing, maybe even painted.  But that might be a sin.  I’d have to see it in person, but it looks like it’s in great shape!



But it’s still at $325.  I’ll keep an eye on this one and see if they bring it down.

I’m also starting to tilt my head a bit in consideration of something mid-century.  I think the right piece could mix really well in our home:



That grain details looks really fantastic.  That one is listed with a bedroom suit, so I’m curious what they would take for just the dresser.

Please, if you are not on Craigslist looking for pieces for your home, you are truly missing out.  Thrift stores locally here, like the Habitat Store and Remix Furniture are both on 8th Avenue, and can turn up some gorgeous pieces at a huge discount!

Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook just killed it when she found this guy for a smooth $200:DSC_0237

If you have a few spare hours, head over to her blog.  It’s one of my favorite favorites.  Her projects are so, so great.  And her thrifting/salvaging/deal-finding skills are incredibly inspiring!

Anyone else snagged a great dresser recently?

Happy Monday everyone!  By the way, if you haven’t filed your taxes yet, good luck!

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