Home Tour: Master Bath

It’s not Friday morning, but it is still in fact, Friday!  So it’s barely, but I made it.  I hesitate to “tour” you around our master bath because it is my least favorite room in our whole house. I wouldn’t necessarily use the word hate, but I don’t love it.  I’ve done what I can for now, until the long-term master bath renovation plan actually comes to fruition.  Maybe in about five years.  Or two….


Like the guest bath, the master bath also had a sexy wallpaper border and was painted some shade of dirty poop green.  This room required quite a bit of patching where the wall meets the ceiling because again, I’m convinced they probably used some kind of wood glue as adhesive for that border.  It took the top layer of drywall with it in several places.  We had to paint the ceiling too, and that was not that fun.  This bathroom is like door hell.  There are so many of them!


I added the hardware to the cabinets myself as a “surprise” for Joseph while he was out of town for work (aka, I bought the brass bin pulls in secret and did it while he was out of town so he couldn’t tell me no).  I think he still hates them, but I love mixing finishes.  We replaced the faucets, as well as the light fixtures.  We tackled the light fixtures ourselves, like all the other light fixtures we’ve replaced in the house.  With two people it’s seriously easy- just do some googling.  And turn off the breaker.


I’m obviously very talented when it comes to photographing light fixtures.  It’s this one:


Hampton Bay, from Home Depot


The sink is white, not yellow, I promise.  Not sure what happened there. Two things: 1) Our house was built in 1999, and I’m pretty sure humans were full size then, so I’m not sure why they chose this layout.  a) The tub takes up way, way too much room and b) It has no jets.  c) the shower barely fits my husband, and there is only a sliver of a ledge to prop my toe up to shave.  2) It makes no sense to me why the tub faucet plumbing is out in the middle of the room instead of against a wall- either under the window or there to the right.  Any renovation plan I come up with always included moving plumbing, and changing the window.  Which = dolla dolla bills ya’ll.  My other thought is to leave the current footprint, including the tub, but lay all new tile (to the damn ceiling) and have a new glass enclosure made.

Or, I could remove the tub completely, frost that big window, and do this:


via Chic Design Investments LLC

I spent the better part of an hour gawking at this bathroom.  Oh.Jesus.




They managed to make this roof line not look crazy weird.  The paint color slays me.


I have a sample of this exact tile in white and intended to use it in the master anyway.  Couple with subway tile and dark grey grout and call it a day.


I love this vanity.  I mean, love.  Not so much the mirror. (Restoration Hardware)


That’s better. (West Elm)

Our master bath project is a long-time-away-from-now project, but I still love to dream about it!  I love the navy for now because it really works with the color of the tile.  But when it’s time, I will be ready to brighten it up!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

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