Home Tour: Master Bedroom

We made it through another week, people!  Friday!  Today I bring you our master bedroom.  Like I say every week (at least I feel like I do), there are still things to do in here.  Overall it has the bright, clean feeling that I like.  So here you go: our chambers.

IMG_2232 IMG_2230 IMG_2226 IMG_2227 IMG_2229 IMG_2235 IMG_2228


I’ll source as much I can for those of you who are into that:

Bed and Armoire: Haverty’s (seems to be discontinued, but here’s something close)

Nightstands: Restoration Hardware

Lamp Bases: Target

Lamp Shades: Craigslist (I bought the ugliest pair of lamps ever for $25 to get the black paper shades.  They can go for around $50 each).

Window treatments: West Elm (Discontinued, but they always have great prices and interesting patterns! Also, I hung four panels.  One panel is never wide enough).

Duvet and Shams: Pottery Barn (The large monogram looks dark, but it’s actually a mushroom grey.  All Star Stitches in Lebanon did those for me for $20.  They are the best!  They don’t have a website, but you can call them at 615-444-7110).

Throw Pillows:  Kirklands.  I like the pop of that dark orange, but I’m ready for something with some pattern.  Maybe like this.  Or this.

Prints: All framed at Hobby Lobby.  If you aren’t going there, shame on you.  Their prices cannot be beat, seriously.  And you can always, always get open-back frames for half price.  They literally flip flop the 50% off deal from the ready-to-hang frames back to the open-back frames every other week.  My local guys are incredible.  If something is off even the tiniest bit, they will take it apart and re-frame it for me for no charge.

Paint color: Color match for Pottery Barn’s Mascarpone

I still intend to figure out some way to add some interest to the ceiling in there.  I would love to trim it out like this:3f27d7b16f9c9fd3d42cb467147d3c86

Or this, of course:



If you have other questions about our master bedroom, or have ideas to share, leave a comment below!

A big thank you to my amazing readers for making this such a rewarding thing to do.  I love writing every day, and usually wake up excited to share.  The encouragement and support from you guys is just awesome.  Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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