A Bench Situation

Since we’ve already established my thing for chairs, it’s not hard to believe that stretches to cover benches and settees as well.  And I am all over the place in the styles that I love.  312d596eba995ffe8a26334767a6e652-1 c020f94cb5597be1b51a30117fffd4d9-1 7a41984223c416bbf54dda29ede35f47

via Pinterest


This guy is on sale right now at West Elm for 1/2 off!  At $250, I believe I need to find a place for this to live.


I already have this little gem underway here at home.  And I when I say underway, I may or may not mean that I started this project three years ago… and my husband is like… can we sell that bench…?  NO WAY!  Ok maybe… but I I don’t know.  I might like it still.

This was a Craigslist purchase for $125.  I don’t feel bad about that.


Because it has mother of pearl inlay.  Isn’t the detail pretty?  I had no idea when I went to pick it up that it had such intricate wood cut detail.  I intended to paint it white.  I even spray painted a tiny spot white on the front right leg to force myself to paint it.  Then I wanted to shoot myself, so I spent the better part of an hour with super fine sandpaper getting the paint off. Unless you look closely you won’t see it.  Thank God.  What a dumb idea that was.


I ripped that fabric off and found sort a mess in there.  I don’t have a shot of the stuffings, but it wasn’t pretty.  I decided to leave it and just recover the seat for the time being.

Our House 003

Our House 004

Our House 008

Our House 007

This is accurate of it’s current state.  I had wild expectations of making double piping, and upon further research found that I may not really want to tackle that.  Hence, I’m sitting here three years later trying to figure out if I should trim it out with something fun and contrasting.  Or if maybe I should take it down to my guy Kenny at Morgan Upholstery and let him rebuild the insides so someone could actually sit on it.  Because right now when someone sits on it I’m like:


(you sure you wanna do that?)

Because you could, in fact, fall through there.  Maybe.

So I’m in somewhat of a conundrum on the bench thing.  But I really, really love that source bench from West Elm.  See, here he is again:


My oh my.  What’s your vote?  Do we love the antique bench, or do we let it go and snatch up this more contemporary piece?

Happy Thursday!

2 thoughts on “A Bench Situation

  1. I love both of them, but I think the antique bench tells a much better story! I want to know where it lived and who’s life it was a part of…what secrets does it know??

    Maybe that makes me weird that I think furniture tells a story!

    I love that your making it yours and that you decided NOT to paint it!

    Another great post!



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