Home Tour: The Man Cove

Well happy Friday morning to you!  I’m always surprised when it’s Friday again, but oh so thankful.  So.  What is a Man Cove, you say?  Deemed a “cove” by my good friend Erin Souder, it is not quite a cave, you see.  It has three walls and is open to the upstairs hallway.  This room, like everything other room, is a work in progress.  This was my nesting place when we brought Aurelia home from the hospital.  This is a cozy space we like to watch the DVR at night.  It might end up being taken over as a playroom one day, but not today.

So, the Man Cove:



This sofa is one of my favorite spots in the house.  This is where I slept for the first few nights of Aurelia’s life, with her bassinet pulled up beside me.  Ok that’s a lie.  For a while I held her all night because I was terrified to put her down.  She weighed about five pounds when we brought her home and she looked too tiny in there by herself.  And, this was one of my first big girl purchases when I had my own apartment.  It’s from Ashley furniture, and considering it was $499, I’d say I got my money’s worth out of it.

That tube tv is just sexy right?



Ok does anyone have an answer to the ceiling fan debate?  Probably not, hence the debate.  In my research and perusing, I’ve found that many all designers hate ceiling fans, which I totally get.  My issue is that I hate this fan, but it’s white, so it’s not that obnoxious because it blends in with the white ceiling.  That’s a stretch I know just go with it.  But you can’t deny the excellent nap potential on a summer afternoon with a light blanket and the fan on high.  Ya’ just can’t deny it.


I know this lamp is awkward.  This whole table situation is a little awkward.  I’d like to find a sharp looking chest to put against the wall.  Not too deep, with a lighter stain, or maybe painted.  We need DVD storage like, in a ridiculous way.  *Note: I find it hard to think about letting go of this table because my brother Alex has it’s mate in his townhouse in Florida.  And it’s super heavy, and I like it.  But it’s awkward right here.


The chair and ottoman were a Craiglist purchase for $350.  I was ready to haggle them down, but when I got there I could see the sellers really needed the cash, so I didn’t say anything.  Joseph loves his man chair.


The barrel is a vintage whiskey barrel from Kentucky.  A seller in Hendersonville had hundreds of these stacked in a barn and we paid $75 for it I believe.  And this wall is about to get a big makeover like this:


My honey deserves a new tv, and I can’t wait to get him one.  I’d love to get this as our tv stand:


It’s been on sale for a while at World Market for $179.99.  I’m in love with it.  I must make this happen!

So, that’s the Man Cove!  Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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