Historic Preservation

On our one year anniversary, Joseph scheduled a walking tour for us in Charleston, South Carolina.  This was my first of many visits to Charleston, and it is there I fully realized my passion for historical restoration.  On our walking tour with Ed Grimball, we got an exclusive look at some amazing pieces of America’s history, and Ed can be credited for my love affair with the beauty of Charleston’s unique ability to retain what was.  I learned the dirtiness of the word “renovation” (it is “restoration” people), a community’s cohesive fight to preserve what was once beautiful about the South, and the painstaking and personal job it is to lay hands on a historical house and coax it into a museum-worthy home.  So much about The Salvaged grew from that trip and every other since then.  I know it sounds over the top, but something about this place became a part of me, and I feel I a great kindredness with those members of the Preservation Society of Charleston that I met on our last trip.  It was only in the gift shop on King Street, but the maps and prints just had me doing my classic child-like point and “omagawds.”  But I am nothing if not authentic, right!?  Yes? But seriously, just in those few moments a spark was lit.

I got home and started researching local historic societies and memberships.  Here in Nashville the Tennessee Preservation Trust has a very similar mission.  They are strong advocates for the restoration of Tennessee history by being a voice for the protection, restoration, and promotion of our historical architecture and cultural resources.   From their website’s Mission and History page:

To promote the preservation of our state’s diverse historic resources through education, advocacy, and collaborative partnerships.

The Tennessee Preservation Trust is the state’s only Statewide Partner of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. We are a membership-based organization that focuses on promoting preservation across Tennessee through education and advocacy. We support individuals and communities across Tennessee who want to protect, restore, and promote their historic and cultural resources.

Headquartered in Nashville, TPT represents thousands of the state’s heritage supporters through individual memberships and partnerships. We work to monitor and promote preservation-friendly legislation at the local, state, and federal levels, and assist Tennesseans with advocacy issues pertaining to specific historic sites, historic districts, and pertinent zoning issues. TPT has a committed staff, an active board of directors, and many dedicated volunteers.

timthumb.phpvia Tennessee Preservation Trust website

To further my love for this organization, they have partnered with Preservation Station on 8th Avenue, which I will feature on Thursday’s post.  “Preservation Station has partnered with TPT to salvage architectural elements that might otherwise be forever lost.”  You had me at “salvage.”  There is something devastating to me in the thought that the craftsmanship of our history could be lost.  Preservation Station and Tennessee Preservation Trust are doing something special.  Visit the links above if you want to be a part of it or learn more!


via Tennessee Preservation Trust website

Have a great Tuesday!


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