To Stencil, or not to Stencil

Back in January I talked about the return of papering and that I was considering it for our powder room downstairs.  The truth is, I keep flip-flopping between being all googly-eyed over gorgeous paper, and sort of leaning toward a stencil.  There are some beautiful transformations out there.  I wonder if stenciling would truly be easier than papering for a perfectionist like me.  If I were to stencil a wall, I feel that the possibility of having to touch up every little smudge by hand is very great.  However, it’s appealing because of the fact I can choose literally any color in the rainbow and make it all my own.  And then promptly paint right over it when I change my mind again.  This happens often.  I love these closet tutorials! Click the pic to jump to the source!


Did someone say herringbone?


This feels so bohemian and cool to me.  Might not work for us, but the transformation is awesome to see!  And can I just replace all those janky white hangers in my closet for some wood ones? Seriously.

I just love the larger pattern below as inspiration for Aurelia’s closet!  (Which I intended to paint/update before she came.  Seeing that she is now a year old… yeah).


via belle maison

All the cool kids are doing Ikat these days:


via Oak Ridge Revival

Part of the reason I lean toward stenciling, is that it is so much less of a commitment than papering!  I mean, we all remember what happened in the 80s… death by floral.  And navy/maroon/hunter green ruffle-y pillows.  And plaid, (which I actually like again.  Hm). Sometimes I freeze up and cannot commit to making decisions about anything because I get so worried our home will look dated in a couple of years.  I try very hard to focus on design that is timeless and classic as the backdrop, and to add accessories and easily-changeable updates to pop and add to our aesthetic.  But… I’m still in love with this:


And since the powder room is so small, I’m thinking it might be fine to paper it.  See that?  I’m flip-flopping again.  But, my parents happen to be expert paperers, and I’ve stripped wallpaper with them before, ripping huge sheets cleanly and quickly off the walls.  So, I know first hand it doesn’t have to be miserable.  Today I stand undecided.  Has anyone tackled papering and stenciling?  Do you have a preference?

Have a happy Thursday!


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