Little Prizes

From time to time I find myself losing hours scrolling, searching, and oohing on Etsy.  I’ve mentioned this once or twice, maybe.  Three times?  Ok, a lot.  Sometimes we just need a little something, right?  Picking out a prize is a toddler-sized fix-it for adult-sized problems.  Growing up we never shopped as a coping method to make us feel better.  As a young girl, Mama didn’t want me to learn to seek social acceptance because I bought the right clothes or shoes, or even brand new.  I think this stuck.  My love for things salvaged came from her.  It’s grown into loving one-of-a-kind pieces, rehab-able pieces, steals, deals, sales, and all-around uniqueness.  I hope to raise my daughter to love Target, hand-made, and I hope she loves random.  And not worry about what the label says.  Class is a trait you carry around in how you walk, up around your shoulders, in your eyes.  I want her to learn to love beautiful things, and things that make her feel beautiful.  Or just happy!

Sometimes a little something for a few dollars just makes me really happy.  A lot of times it’s actually in finding the perfect gift for someone else.  I thought for this rainy day I would pull some of my favorites for you from Etsy.  Some of them make me think of people I love, and some of them seem as if they’re made just for me!  Enjoy.  And click the pics to jump to the seller.  Look around and lose some hours.  It’s fun.

A little foxy mug!


Letterpress calling cards.  I really want some of these!


Definitely ordering this soon for Aurelia’s room!


Jadeite.  (making o-face)


You could say I have a thing for bows…


Dying over these gold mugs!


I also die over white ceramic animals.  And seriously?  Who doesn’t need an antelope?


I hope your day is a great one!  Maybe you should get yourself a little prize.

Disclaimer: The Salvaged has not been compensated and will not be compensated by these sellers or Etsy in any way for any sales coming from this post.  I mean, maybe one day sponsors will be knocking the door down to be a part of what I’m building here.  But not today.  I share these with you purely because I love them.  


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