Monday morning inspiration isn’t that hard to come by today.  I’m currently obsessing over herringbone.  And I mean, in every avenue of my life.  It started with a few shots of hardwood laid in a herringbone pattern:

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via Pinterest

Here we are with the whole whiteout thing again…


via A+B Kasha


via RUM Magazine

But not just floors.  Recently I found herringbone sheets.  Another thank you sir to Nate Berkus for making me even more kid-in-candy-shop when visiting Target.  (Which by the way is a place where I am convinced they pump oxygen into the air much like casinos.  Who doesn’t feel like skipping when you breeze in the door?)

So, herringbone sheets:


I feel like such a genius when I think about what I’m doing with the flat sheet out of this set! I had a true light-over-head-o-face-ah-HA moment.  It’s a secret though.  I am beside myself with excitement.

But like I said, herringbone is everywhere.  Etsy is full of fun art in this pattern!  Click the pics to go to the listing!

This one has a more condensed pattern:


This one is a little larger, and I like the frame a lot:


You can’t go wrong with an Anne of Green Gables quote, no?


You can find herringbone everywhere.




Do you remember my wallpaper idea?


How about a hand towel?


Or something soft under your toesies?


And of course the cutest baby girl cape I’ve ever seen:


You hear so much about pattern and texture, and right now this is just it for me.  It’s a step up from the everyone’s-doing-it-chevron thing, but still feels similar if you like interesting lines.  So, in true Lacey-like fashion:  HERRINGBONE, YAY!

Have a great Monday, ya’ll!

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