Home Tour: The Library

I can’t believe it’s already Friday again!  This week has flown by.  So what that means is that it’s time for the home tour!  Today I want to show you our library.  It’s also an office.  And right now, it moonlights as a play room too!  So, here we are!

This is what it looked like the day we moved in:

Library Before

I love our hardwoods.  They are wide-plank maple, and from what I can tell were either just sealed, or stained something very light to bring out the grain in the wood.  We have talked on and off about having them refinished to a darker stain, but the longer we live here, the more I love them.  I know dark hardwoods = “the new black” right now, but I think we win with these.  They don’t show a bit of dirt!

So, onward!

Our House 009

The walls are Martha Stewart’s “Seal” from Home Depot.  This shot was shortly after we finished painting and had my vintage chandelier hung up!

Our House 011

This is my prize.  And if we ever move, it will be specifically outlined in the contract that this chandelier does not remit to new owner.  I found this pretty piece on Craigslist with the medallion for $125.  I took it to Harold Cates at Expert Lamp Repair and he worked a miracle.  He re-wired, cleaned, and hand polished every crystal.  I love it.

The window treatments I made myself in oatmeal linen.  I have to find a new fabric to use for these projects.  Linen is so difficult to work with, even when just doing simple panels.  I know there are rules about a perfect break, and certain amounts of puddling/pooling, but this really works for me!  I may hem them up some more one day though.  We shall see.

photo 4

This is the reverse of the great room wall with television and fireplace.  And what was going to be the new home of the $100 Bernhardt dresser that I will forever be regretful of not getting to fast enough.  That weird hole just bothers me so much.  I can’t wait to close that up.  Another score for the 90s team and their tube tvs.

photo 1  I need some serious storage downstairs, and this is the perfect wall for it.  What needs to be stored, you ask?

photo 5

Just keeping it real ya’ll!  This is really Aurelia’s house.

Those two chairs cost me a fortune.  $25 for both.  I know, crazy.  The herringbone pillows were Etsy finds, and I had them monogrammed locally at The Uncommon Garden.  So, they started out looking like this:

Bamboo Chairs for a STEAL-1

A little paint, some more tugging and fighting with linen- ivory this time- and I have a little sitting (playing) area!

When we looked at this house, I knew it was our first home.  The open floor plan is just perfect for our family.  Even though Aurelia was not even on the horizon yet, I could still imagine little feet running circles all the way from the kitchen into the library and back.  This is one of my favorite rooms in the house!

Happy weekend everyone!

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