DIY Artwork

I have some wonderful little art projects I’ve been cataloging and pinning lately. Might be a little ambitious, but I’m feeling bold. So I’m going to outline my thoughts here on The Salvaged so that I will hold myself to it!

The first is inspired by this:


And this:

66583b137c5f21d33e972faa611d0a93I’ve been looking for the source on these, but alas, I’m linking up to random blogs again…

Anyhow- I am a nose-in-book kind of girl and I could not love this more. The vintage feel of Penguin Books just rocks my world, but putting a personal spin on it just ups the ante. It’s just what I need for my library wall! I’m thinking of messing around with some shades of green for mine.  And speaking of green, can I just freak out over this for a moment?


Yeah.  Kishani Perera, you might be my muse.  Ok moving on, but seriously.

The next project I’m considering is a truly abstract painting, inspired by this:

Black_White Painting
The scale of this is just amazing- and I love the simple frame! The rest of this room starts feeling a little 80s the more I stare at it?  Below is a great tutorial also inspired by this shot!  Click the picture to jump to the how-to from Dans le Townhouse.  I’m thinking I might do a grey version.  Or maybe navy.  And I may build a frame out for it.


The last is a little marquis letter like this, from Sideshow Sign Co.:

c0637f820b9cad0f13d84a751e1ec18eDIY is the way to go for me, because that one up there is $610. Hmft. Pretty sure I can make this y’all!

Here’s a tutorial that looks great! Click the pic to jump to Kara Paslay Designs:


I love coming up with a fun, personalized spin on things that have inspired me. For me, it’s not about totally copying these, but using them as a starting point!  There is so much inspiration around, so I can’t wait to give these a try!

Happy Thursday!

3 thoughts on “DIY Artwork

  1. Hey Lacey, I saw you started following me on Instagram and I followed the link to your blog…love by the way. The play on the Penguin Group book cover in the first picture looks like a Harland Miller tongue-in-cheek piece. 🙂

    1. You are so right! I didn’t notice that before. I just went through his website- some are way over the top (but are still so funny…)! I saw your blog link too! Love the giant Ikea trip! So FUN!


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