Found: Myers Flooring

Ok, I’m sorry. Ok?  I know it’s Friday and I know I’m supposed to give you the living room tour, but I’m too excited about my findings yesterday not to share.

I’m not sure how I’ve lived in Nashville this long and I’ve never been to Myers Flooring.  Until yesterday, when my life forever changed.  I helped a friend of mine at work with some kitchen ideas and since then she’s been looking for rugs.  I’m ashamed I did not know to take her here myself.  So she took me.  Mind. Blown.


See that?  Those are dozens and dozens of rug samples and their corresponding bolts of material.  Myers has not only a beautiful showroom, but a giant, incredible warehouse.  (queue more tongue-wagging, ohmagawds, and pointing).  Each of these little samples indicates a square foot price, and you can have a rug custom cut, bound, and complete with a latex backing if you like: made special, just for you.  Is your mind blown?  Because I was on a rug high.  So I’m no longer a slave to 5×7, 8×10, and the random 6×9!?  All this amazingness ninja-ed my brain power.

Look at all these bindings!


Here they are, the masters, working on a 58′ (yes, 58 feet), like it was no big thang.  “Oh hey, can I watch, ya’ll!?”  (Did I overreact?  Of course I did).


I didn’t even bring home all the samples I wanted because I just got so flustered.  “This is RIDICULOUS!!!” I said, at least 14 times.  “Oh oh oh, look at this!!”  I’m buying rugs in my head for everyone I know.  I’m buying rugs, people.

Here are my samples!  Must go back for more.

IMG_2083IMG_2085 IMG_2086 IMG_2087

I’m still so excited about this, I can’t process my opinion on my favorites yet.  But I love the big patterned one in the middle, I’m just now sure how it would hold up to chair feet raking across it.  And I might come unglued if someone ripped a big chuck of it out pushing back their chair.  In that first pic from top left, I like 3, 4 and 5 the best.  That last one is way grey in person, not purple-y like the pic.  Do you have favorites?

If you’re wondering if these are affordable, wonder no more.  They have ready-to-go rugs at standard sizes starting at $35 for a 3×5.  Runners looked like they start at $120, 5×7 at $140.

And a little surprise in the back?


These are considered remnants.  Even though all of them were enormous.  Starting at $.56/sqft.  Go see them pronto if you’re in the market for rugs.  We talked to a third generation Myers and got the rundown on their history.  I love family businesses.  What a solid lunch trip!  Not bad for a Thursday.  And now, it’s Friday.  Happy weekend!

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